How To Differentiate Your Intuition From Anxiety?

If you are someone who has an anxious attachment style and get very anxious in different scenarios (and especially if you are an Empath or highly sensitive), it can be difficult to listen to your intuition, or even to differentiate between both. How do you know you are feeling very anxious because it is an […]

Making Love To Life

Living a life based on your inner truth is like making love to life. When you start removing the layers of what you are not, of all the bullshit limiting beliefs you acquired from other people and systems, and start revelealing who you truly are at the soul level, you fall in love. You fall […]

100 Positive Things to Do and Say Today

There many laws in the Universe and the Law of Attraction works directly with the Law of Vibration. Consciously choosing and doing positive and happy things on your daily life is the way to keep you in alignment and in a high vibration. Being in a high vibration is what attracts to you the things […]

If You Want to Be Happy, Do Happy Things

It seems quite obvious, doesn’t? If you want to be happy, do things in your daily life that make you happy. Period. But, how often many people spend their days doing things they dislike and not even aligned with who they truly are? A lot! So you cannot spend your whole life wanting something and […]