100 Positive Things to Do and Say Today

There many laws in the Universe and the Law of Attraction works directly with the Law of Vibration.

Consciously choosing and doing positive and happy things on your daily life is the way to keep you in alignment and in a high vibration.

Being in a high vibration is what attracts to you the things and life you wish to manifest.

Removing yourself from people and situations of low vibration such as drama, gossip or any kind of negativity is the first step.

The second step is to do things daily that raise your vibration, so here are 100 ideas that you can start implementing today:

1. Go for a test drive of the car you wish to manifest

2. Book and visit dream houses on sale that you would love to live in

3. Visit shops that sell the things you want regardless of the prices

4. Go on Pinterest and search for images of places you would love to travel to

5. You can even start a Pinterest manifestation board pining everything you wish to manifest

6. Only buy things that make you feel good and happy

7. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, letters, objects, etc, that are full of old karma

8. Feel gratitude and excitement when paying your bills

9. Go to events where you’ll meet people that have manifested their dream life

10. Do random acts of kindness

11. Treat yourself to something you really like

12. Write everything you feel grateful about in your life

13. Donate money to your favourite charity

14. Eat delicious food that nourishes your body

15. Read inspirational quotes daily

16. Refuse to multi-task. Be completely mindful in every single thing you do.

17. Buy a gift to someone you love just because it’s Monday… or Tuesday…

18. Give a bear hug to your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, pet…

19. Watch an inspirational movie or documentary

20. Feel happy and abundant with every penny you spend

21. Open the tap and watch the water flow, see it as the gates of abundance opening to you

22. Listen to music that is inspirational and make you feel good – Bob Marley is great!

23. Stop watching or listening to the news

24. Smile at strangers

25. Go for a walk in nature

26. Pay your bills and debts on time even if it just the minimum

27. Have a conversation with a friend like you have already manifested all you want

28. Do something you always wanted to do but are too scared

29. Watch a funny movie that makes you laugh hard

30. Wake up in the morning and decide how you want to feel for the rest of the day:”Today I want to feel… (amazing, happy, joyful, positive, caring, helpful, etc, etc)

31. Compliment someone on something you like about them

32. Say thank you and please

33. Buy food at the supermarket and leave it on the donation box on the way out

34. Make an effort to see only the positives on anything and anyone

35. If you get angry for any reason, remove yourself from the situation for a few minutes

36. Say no to anything you don’t like or want without giving any explanation

37. Buy fresh flowers to your bedroom

38. Have dinner at your favourite restaurant just because you feel like it

39. Buy bath salts and take a relaxing bubble bath

40. Search events and meet-ups around you based on similar interests and go meet new people

41. Travel to a place you have never been before

42. DIY something instead of buying it or paying someone else. Have fun doing it!

43. Bake a cake. A chocolate one.

44. Wake up early and take time enjoying your breakfast

45. Buy a perfume you like and connect it to what you wish to manifest. Smell it often to remind you and make you feel good

46. Buy an inspirational postcard to yourself and post it so you’ll receive it in a couple of days

47. Write messages to yourself and leave them around the house

48. Do something creative: a cake, a painting, a drawing, decorate your bedroom, play an instrument, etc

49. Write a cheque to yourself with the amount of money you wish to manifest

50. Download and use the Law of Attraction Prosperity Game App

51. Try a new yoga class

52. Buy an object that simbolizes the creation of everything you want and put it in a visible place in the house

53. Buy manifesting crystals like citrine, pyrite, rose quartz, iolite, jade or aventurine.

54. Do a Reiki session with a qualified Reiki Master

55. Do something you used to enjoy as a child and haven’t done since

56. Exercise outdoors

57. Do a guided meditation class

58. Play with children and let them teach you how to be fully in the now

59. Turn off your phone

60. Put on your favourite music and dance

61. Sleep at least 8h per day

62. Avoid smoking and limit alcohol – if possible cut it out completely

63. Eat earthy foods

64. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day

65. Take a power nap

66. Meditate

67. Avoid eating sugar

68. Have a power snack: nuts, fruit, a protein bar or a boiled egg

69. Go on Youtube and watch a dancing hamster video

70. consume omega-3 fatty acids

71. Walk barefoot on grass

72. Hug a tree

73. Go for a swim in the ocean

74. Say no to anything that drains your energy

75. Call a good friend you haven’t talked to or seen for a while

76. Cook a new recipe

77. Focus on your breath: inhale the good energy you want, exhale what you want to let go

78. De-clutter your work or living space

79. Buy a Feng Shui book for the home

80. Throw away or donate old stuff like clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc

81. Get rid of old bills and invoices

82. Take a spa day with a friend

83. Play with your pet

84. Volunteer to help in your favourite cause

85. Look yourself in the mirror and smile

86. Go out at night and look at the stars

87. Put a tent outside in the garden or in the living room and sleep there

88. Use essencial oils like jasmine or cinnamon

89. Climb a tree

90. Photograph nature

91. Play on a swing

92. Daydream

93. Build a sandcastle

94. Jump on a trampolim

95. Go out for a bicycle ride

96. Do a picnic in the park or the beach

97. Fill your house with colourful balloons

98. Blow some bubbles – or say the word “bubbles” out loud several times

99. Sit down to eat without any distractions and focus only on the food

100. Say “I love you” to the ones you love

Have fun raising your vibration!