Law of Attraction: How Happiness is Key To Manifest Your Desires

If you want to be happy, do things in your daily life that make you happy. But how often do people spend their days doing things that they don’t like and aren’t even aligned with who they really are? A lot! You cannot spend your whole life wanting something and then acting completely the other way around, hoping “that the day will be happy”. But why do people do things they don’t like if they want to be happy? When we were little kids and teenagers, we absorbed other people’s belief systems and patterns of behavior: parents, other family members, educational systems, religious systems, etc. We integrate them so deeply into our DNA that we grow up to think that we’re also like that and that those beliefs are ours. And very often, we watched our parents spend their days doing things they didn’t like. Or saying things like “life is full of sacrifices” or “you have to do things you don’t like because that’s how life is”, etc., etc. So, we grew up thinking “that’s right”, and we didn’t learn to pay attention to how we FEEL and our own intuition. We believe that life is “hard” and happiness is only on weekends and holidays. We grew up paying attention to what others say, seeking external validation and moments of happiness here and there….

If You Want to Be Happy, Do Happy Things

It seems quite obvious, doesn’t? If you want to be happy, do things in your daily life that make you happy. Period. But, how often many people spend their days…