Burning Cinnamon Sticks And Why You Should Do To!

Have you ever been curious about the enticing scent of cinnamon that wafts through the air and how it calms your senses? Oh, you’re not alone.

Burning cinnamon sticks have been practised for centuries for their many benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to improved focus and concentration.

This article will discuss the fascinating history of burning cinnamon sticks and various reasons why you should incorporate it into your life.

Cinnamon abundance is widely known for its sweet, warm scent. Burning cinnamon sticks involves burning bits of these aromatic bark to release their therapeutic properties.

It fills your space with a delicious aroma and offers various health and beauty benefits.  

What is cinnamon burning? 

Burning cinnamon sticks is a traditional practice of igniting the sticks and releasing the fragrant smoke into the environment.

It is commonly used in aromatherapy, spiritual rituals, and even as a natural air freshener.

Cultures around the world have cherished the distinctive aroma of cinnamon for centuries. 

History of burning cinnamon sticks 

Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and Romans, are believed to have originated the burning of cinnamon.

Not only were these cultures aware of the power of cinnamon as a culinary spice, but it had also been used for health purposes.

Burning cinnamon sticks have been linked with ritual cleansing of the environment and enhancement of spiritual connections. 

Benefits of burning cinnamon sticks 

Aromatherapy and relaxation 

One of the main benefits of burning cinnamon sticks is promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

The fragrant smoke emanating from the burning sticks calms the mind and body, creating a peaceful atmosphere that helps relieve anxiety and stress. 

Improve focus and concentration. 

Maintaining focus and attention can take time and effort in today’s fast-paced world. However, burning cinnamon sticks can provide a natural solution.

The scent of cinnamon stimulates brain activity, improves cognitive function, and sharpens your mind. 

Antibacterial and antifungal properties 

Cinnamon has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

When burned, it releases essential oils that can help clean the air by killing harmful bacteria and inhibiting fungal growth. 

Reduce stress and improve mood. 

Burning a cinnamon stick can have a profound effect on your emotional well-being.

The aroma from the burning sticks stimulates serotonin production, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood.

It helps you cope with stress, improves your moods, and creates a feeling of comfort and peace.

Attract abundance and prosperity

Cinnamon is linked to manifesting money and abundance.

So light up some sticks and when you feel the scent let yourself connect to abundance, and feel you opening up to receive money and prosperity.

How to burn cinnamon stick 

Choose the right cinnamon stick. 

To ensure an optimal experience is important to choose a high-quality cinnamon stick.

Look for sticks made from pure cinnamon bark with no additives or artificial flavours. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are often considered the best choice due to their superior aroma and taste. 

Preparing to engrave 

Before you start burning a cinnamon stick, preparing the space is essential.

Clear out the clutter, open windows for good ventilation, and find a suitable rack or dish to catch the falling ash. 

Light the stick 

Hold the cinnamon stick tilted and light one end with a match or lighter. Let the flame take a few seconds before gently blowing it out. The stick will begin to smoulder and emit fragrant smoke. 

Safety precautions 

When Blowing cinnamon on the first day of the month, it’s important to prioritize safety.

Never leave sticks burning unattended, and ensure they are placed in a sturdy rack or dish. Keep them away from flammable materials, pets, and children. 

Different ways to use a burning cinnamon stick 

Burning cinnamon sticks can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here are some popular methods: 

Burned in the incense burner 

Place the burning cinnamon stick in a dedicated incense holder or insulated dish.

As the stick smoulders, it emits fragrant smoke, filling the room with an alluring scent. 

Make cinnamon tea 

You can make cinnamon tea using burning sticks for a light and aromatic drink.

Dip a cinnamon stick in hot water and soak for a few minutes. Enjoy the pleasant flavours and reap the benefits of this delicious concoction. 

Put the cinnamon in the oil. 

Another way to use burnt cinnamon sticks is to soak their essence in oil. Mix a few broken pieces from the cinnamon stick with a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond, and allow it to sit for several days.

The resulting infused oil can be used for massage, aromatherapy, or as a natural fragrance. 

Cinnamon stick as a natural air freshener 

In addition to its therapeutic properties, burning cinnamon can also act as a natural deodorant.

The pleasant scent produced by the burning rod can effectively mask unwanted odours, making your space pleasant and inviting. 

Cinnamon stick in spiritual practice 

Throughout history, cinnamon has been of spiritual importance.

Burning cinnamon sticks can be combined with meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice to purify, relax, and create a sacred atmosphere. 

Common misconceptions about burning cinnamon sticks 

Despite the many benefits and age-old practices of burning cinnamon sticks, some misconceptions deserve addressing.

Some people believe that burning a cinnamon stick can cure or cure illness instantly.

While cinnamon offers a variety of benefits, it is essential to approach it with realistic expectations and use it as a complementary wellness tool. 


Burning cinnamon sticks is an age-old practice that not only fills the air with an alluring aroma but also offers countless benefits to your health.

With the addition of burning cinnamon sticks into a normal routine, you can achieve a better quality of life as long as you’re seeking relaxation, improved focus, and an appealing scent.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Can I burn a cinnamon stick every day? 

Burning cinnamon sticks daily is safe but should be done in moderation. Try to burn for a short time to avoid overexposure to the smoke. 

2. Can I use cinnamon powder to burn? 

While ground cinnamon can be used, it is not ideal for burning. The stick form gives off more even and fragrant smoke.  

3. Are there any potential side effects from burning cinnamon sticks?  

When used correctly, burning cinnamon sticks is generally safe.

However, people with breathing problems or allergies may need to exercise caution or consult a healthcare professional. 

4. Can I reuse a burnt cinnamon stick? 

Once a cinnamon stick has been burned, it loses its aroma and healing properties.

Replacing the rod with a new one is best for optimal results. 

5. Where to buy high-quality cinnamon sticks? 

You can find high-quality cinnamon sticks at speciality spice stores, health food stores, or online retailers specializing in organic and natural products.