This eBook is for everyone that wishes to go deeper into the spiritual side of the Law of Attraction rather than just scratch the surface and not getting results.

We have created this eBook for you about the Law of Attraction, but this is much more than just an eBook.

This is a hands-on and life-changing experience that will take you on a daily journey of discovery and alignment to match the vibration of the life of your dreams.

We believe that every person has within themselves all they need to live a life of joy and purpose.

So we’ve created this eBook to help you to go deep within yourself, peel all the unnecessary layers and bring out your AWESOME self into the open.

When you live from your inner power and feel joyful, that’s when you can manifest the life of your dreams and all you want: money, a true love relationship, a dream job or business, your dream house, etc. Anything is possible.

This eBook is a channel for self-healing and to connect you with your inner power to create everything you want.

It is like “The Secret” on steroids!

Release the Negative to Connect With Your True Self

Many books and techniques about the Law of Attraction will tell you to think positive thoughts, visualize and imagine what you want and things will change.

Whilst certainly you need to start somewhere, the right approach to the Law of Attraction cannot be that superficial, or by ignoring other aspects.

Most of us have negative energy, limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that come from many years ago, from childhood or even from past lives.

Those simply don’t change by thinking positive thoughts or visualising what you want.

You need to go deep within yourself, feel and release everything that is holding you back.

The positive thoughts, visualisation and other techniques then can naturally come to you when you first do this inner work.

Bur trying to force yourself to change your thoughts and life without going within is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom: it works for a short time but it not sustainable in the long term.

That is why what you’ll find in this eBook is much more than the Law of Attraction.

It is a guide to go within yourself and is a catalyst to the process of spiritual growth, releasing all the negative feelings that hold you back and allowing your true self to emerge.

We do believe that every single person that comes here and finds this eBook is at a time of their lives where not only they feel they want more, but they are ready to take action.

This is a very special time on your life, to get to this stage.  You might even feel it has been a very long journey up to here.

It was definitely the Law of Attraction that brought you here today.

After finishing this eBook, you’ll realise life is just beginning again and the world is a white canvas ahead, waiting for you to fill in with everything you want.

And having fun creating it! 🙂

“I am really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold”

Abraham Hicks

Summary of this eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Can You Create the Life of Your Dreams?
  • Making Peace With Where You Are Now and Feeling Grateful
  • I Am, Therefore I Create
  • Grounding Yourself
  • Why Trust and Love Are Key to Attract All You Want
  • Your Power Comes From Your Emotions
  • How to Let Go of Old Beliefs That Don’t Suit You Anymore
  • Releasing Meditation
  • Pay Attention to The “Little” Manifestations and Signs
  • From Powerlessness to Empowerment
  • How to Stay Committed to What You Want to Manifest
  • Stay in Excited Anticipation
  • How to Attract Your Soulmate
  • How to Attract and Manifest Money
  • How to do Work You Love and Is Your Life Purpose
  • Letter to the Universe
  • Plan of Action
  • How to Stay Open and Allow
  • How to Deal with The Changes That Are Happening
  • 100 Positive Things to Do and Say Today
  • Living in Joy


Carla’s 21 day Law of Attraction program has helped me immensely. I have read “The Secret” and many other books about the law of attraction but Carla’s program really put it in perspective for me.  I can’t live life miserable and overwhelmed and expect the good life handed to me on a silver platter. Life is hard but the more you live life in the light, and with the most positive attitude you can muster up, life will get better. You have to believe your special to see the special in this world….  Carla’s program is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the law of attraction!!

 – Connie Hulsart

Carla, I have known The Law of attraction for years. Dabbled here and there, though I live my life in much of the way of the “law”. I have never implimented it fully. I have always said I have lived a blessed life. I guess that was the Law of Attraction working for me without my knowing it. But it seemed like once I decided to dabble in it. I wasn’t getting it. You have made the Law of Attraction open to everyone. Your guidance and approach to it show’s that it truly is there for the taking for anyone. That’s beautiful thought. Thank You

– Robin Goch

Thank you so much for creating the 21 Day Law of Attraction program. I have studied the Law of Attraction a little bit before, but your program really helped me understand how it works, and best of all, you guided me through everything: from the manifestation idea to creating goals and manageable steps to encountering resistance to creating joy in my life. I am so happy to have been a part, and I will reference the program often!

– Kristin Jones

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