A Law of Attraction Scripting Template is a powerful tool to help you in the manifestation of your desires.

What exactly is a Law of Attraction Scripting Template?

It is a script where you’ll first write what you wish to manifest. And then you’re going to visualize, feel and experience the entire manifestation of your desire like it is already in your reality.

You’ll describe what are you doing, with whom, where, the good emotions you feel during the experience, express gratitude, the Impact of the manifestation in your life, etc.

Why does this work?

It works because the Universe doesn’t make any distinction between imagination and reality. It only reais energy.

So when you do this exercise, you are basically entering into the energy of living your manifestation. The visualization, the emotions, etc, are real. They will make you enter into the right energy.

How often should you do the Law of Attraction Scripting?

How often as you wish.

You can do it daily, weekly, monthly.

You can do it today for one desire, and tomorrow for a different one.

We recommend that you follow your intuition here, and sit down to write when you are truly feeling it.

We also recommend that you print the Law of Attraction Scripting Template and write it with your hand, instead of using your computer to write.

Example of using the template to live a desire:

Desire: Manifest my dream house

Describe how it feels living there: For example, cooking breakfast in the morning: what are you preparing to eat, whilst you are cooking you can see the first rays of sunshine hitting your swimming pool outside and plan to go for a swim later on, then you open the drawer to take a plate, go to the fridge to get the milk, then the doorbell rings and you open it to receive a friend.

Describe how it feels: You feel so happy to be cooking breakfast in your dream home, there is this feeling of peace and happiness and things aligned. It just feels right and great to be alive. You always knew it was going to happen one day.

Describe how grateful you are: you express tremendous gratitude to the Universe for living your dream. your heart fills with love, joy and high positive energy.

Describe how the manifestation of your desire impacts the life of others: How your kids also love to live in that house, they have more space to play outside with the dogs, to receive friends, etc.

Describe what are you going to do next: Now that you manifested your desire, describe how your higher vibration of joy can contribute more to the world. Maybe you feel you want to help others manifesting their dreams, or share your story so others know it is possible for them too.

Note: When you enter into the right energy by doing this scripting, very likely you’ll start manifesting calls-to-action in your life, ie, opportunities and guidance to take inspired action in the direction of your desires.

Take that action without delay! We live in a physical world, and by taking inspired action, we are creating our reality.

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