If You Want to Be Happy, Do Happy Things

It seems quite obvious, doesn’t?

If you want to be happy, do things in your daily life that make you happy. Period.

But, how often many people spend their days doing things they dislike and not even aligned with who they truly are? A lot!

So you cannot spend your whole life wanting something and then acting completely the opposite, waiting “for the day to be happy”.

Because it won’t come to you. You’ll have to go get it inside of you.

But why do people do things they dislike if they want to be happy?

When we were young, little children and teenagers, we absorbed the belief systems and behaviour patterns of other people: parents, other family members, education systems, religion systems, etc.

We integrated them so deeply in our DNA that we grew up thinking we are like that too and those beliefs are ours.

And very often, we watched our parents spending their days doing things they dislike. Or saying things like “life is full of sacrifices” or “you need to do things you don’t like because that’s how life is”, etc, etc.

So we grew up thinking “that’s just the way it is”, and we didn’t learn to pay attention to how we FEEL and to our own intuition.

We grew up paying attention to what others say, seeking external validation and moments of happiness here and there.

We grew up believing it’s “normal” to hate Mondays and going to a job we dislike, because that’s how everyone else feels too, right!?

Well, maybe in your reality you only meet people that feel the same way because it is the vibrational frequency you’re in. Like attracts like. So in your rational mind, you think everyone in the world feels like that and doing things you dislike is “normal”.

Until the day.

Until the day you get fed up of spending a life feeling unhappy 95% of the time, just to have a few moments of happiness here and there.


You know there’s more! You can feel it deep down in your soul!

And then you wake up. Or either you searched for this awakening or some kind of event, person or situation sparkled it inside of you.

And when the veil is lifted and you start seeing things from YOUR soul perspective, you start to realise life is not how it was told by your parent’s belief systems or education or religion, or other people. That was THEIR reality!

Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, it just means you want something different. Your soul craves something different.

Being happy is simple

You start to realise that being happy is actually quite simple. It is not the holy grail of life just available to a selected few.

It is available to everyone all the time because it is inside of you. You just didn’t know it before. But now you do.

And you also start to realise that in order to live a happy life, you need to spend your days doing things that are aligned with your happy! Isn’t this simple?

And not just the “big things” like having a career you love or being in a healthy relationship, but things like eating a breakfast you like and taking the time to enjoy it, or going outside for a walk, reading your favourite book, etc, etc.

Small ordinary things that make you happy!

In other words, you need to be in the vibration of the things you want and enjoy. Your actions need to be in conformity with how you feel.

That’s how the Universe will bring you more of what makes you happy – Law of Attraction. And you start meeting other type of people and be in other type of situations that validate your truth.

You realise you have the inner power to co-create your life and your days the way you want it to be, together with the help from the Universe.

And suddenly your life changes. Sometimes completely.

Being happy is your birth right. You were not born to be unhappy, to spend your days doing things you dislike and to play small.

You’re unique and have so many gifts to give to the world and to others.

Happiness is an inside job, absolutely. But it is a very enjoyable one.