How to do Work You Love and Is Your Life Purpose

I remember hearing these words from Mark Twain when I was really young: “Do work you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

This resonated very deep within me and I committed to myself at that point that I would find my life purpose in this life and will do work I love and that comes from my soul.

Also, my mother was a primary teacher and she absolutely loved her work. She inspired me to never settle for anything else that the feeling of being passionate about what you do.

If you also feel like you have this fire burning inside of you pushing you to find your life purpose and do work you love, keep reading.

To me, my journey of discovery was far from easy.

I finished University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and the question “now what?” I felt absolutely lost and feeling the pressure of having to chose something and find a job didn’t help.

The idea of being in an office 9-5 for the next 50 years working for someone else felt like a complete waste to me. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, to me, to my true self, it just didn’t make any sense.

But I went on with my old beliefs that “it is the way it is” to find a job and what happened is that I’ve had literally dozens of jobs and was never able to stay in any of them for more than 6 months. I used to feel very ashamed of this, like I have some kind of problem: Why can’t I just find a nice job, settle down and be happy?

Little did I know that this I was ashamed was shaping the path to find my true life purpose.

My willingness to settle for less than doing work I love combined with my entrepreneurial spirit just made me unemployable.

Finally after many years of living in this insanity I’ve had a major spiritual awakening and I decided to start my own online marketing business.

It was great working for myself and have the freedom I so desperately craved, but still something was missing. I was operating from the ego, seeking external validation at all times and exhausting myself everyday. I was lacking heart and soul in what I was doing.

I tried many different strategies without success, my business didn’t grow past a certain point and I myself got to a point where I was feeling completely drained.

I tried to do the one thing I haven’t tried yet: to surrender. To just stop, go do other things that make me happy and just listen to my voice within.

I already knew I wanted to help and inspire people, and I was doing it already very often in calls with my marketing clients, many times I helped them energetically align with their business goals.

I received many many signs from the Universe and divine guidance helping me and showing me the way. I decided to start acting upon it slowly, baby steps. And it took me to here today.

I am now living my purpose and absolutely passionate about the work I do and helping people align with the life of their dreams.

Certainly what I do now doesn’t feel like work, it feels like what I came here for in this life, in this body.

And I know that everything I went through all those years were giving me the experiences I needed to now be able to do what I do.

The reason why I am telling you this story of mine is because I have people that come to me for coaching in the Law of Attraction feeling completely drained by their current jobs or businesses, feeling lost or depressed about work.

They don’t want to settle for something they don’t like, they feel they want more, but they don’t know where to begin or what to do.

And it all begins wth alignment. Just like everything else in regards to the Law of Attraction.

Very often you need to get to a breaking point where you say enough is enough and just surrender. That’s when you eliminate the resistance and start aligning.

Your life purpose is connected to your gifts

Your life purpose and inspired work is always connected to your amazing and unique gifts.

It is what makes your soul sing, it is what moves you deeply.

You don’t have to think about “what career should I have” or “what job should I do”, you need to think in terms of “if money wasn’t a concern, what would I love to do for the rest of my life”?

You need to respond to this question first and only much later start to shape work, a career or a business around the answer (or answers).

Because if you think in terms of “work”, or “job”, you’re basically just putting pressure on yourself and creating resistance.

Instead, think about what makes you truly happy, what moves you, what you love to do when you’re not working. It can be cooking, taking photographs, singing, writing…

It is always something you lose track of time because you’re so immerse in it.

It is something you can talk about for hours and gives you a certain glow in your eyes, a joy in your heart that other people can also feel from you. Because you’re passionate about it!

And it doesn’t have to be the “one” thing I am good at. We’re multidimensional beings, we have many talents.

Do not settle

The most important thing when trying to find your life purpose and inspired work is to never settle.

Even if right now you’re not doing work you enjoy or you’re in a soul-crushing job, continue to believe you deserve to do work you love and make lots of money from it. It is possible and it will happen!

Settling for less than what we feel we deserve is staying in a scarcity mindset, nothing else. It comes from a place of lack of trust in yourself and feeling powerless.

So, it’s your job to find what is your life purpose and it is your job to stay in alignment with it by saying no to other jobs or work that is not aligned.

This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job tomorrow (although you can if you feel inspired to do so), but it means that once you know what is that you want, you do not accept less and you start acting on it.

Because in that special moment when the “click” happens and you KNOW what your life purpose is, it is when you’re ready to embrace it completely.

This is like ordering food at a restaurant and if the waiter comes with food you didn’t order, you simply say “no I didn’t order this, it is not my food”. You don’t just keep the food you didn’t order because you fear there’s no more food available! You say no and ask for the food you want.

It is the same with work (and all other areas in your life really). You don’t settle for less than you ordered the Universe.