Why Stepping Into Personal Empowerment is Key for Empaths

I remember when I found out that I was an Empath.

It was definitely one of those A-HA life moments.

I was at the beginning of a full-blown spiritual awakening and at that time I remember a lot of information about spirituality coming to me from everywhere.

Eventually I found out about being an Empath in an article on a website and was stunned.

I knew already I was a very intuitive person, but had no ideia that you could feel other people’s emotions and energy so clearly as if they are your own. And that it has a name!

I was shocked about it and relieved at the same time, because that explained sooooo much about my life and who I am.

At that time I remember I searched and devoured every single article and website about being an Empath. I was fascinated about it and wanting to learn more.

It gave meaning to so many things that happened in my life, such as my urge to help others that are suffering – because basically I was feeling their emotions as being mine.

At that time I went through a lot of self healing and spiritual growth and my life purpose started to unfold – I wanted to help others stepping into their inner power and create the life of their dreams.

But soon I realised that I needed to fully do that for myself first. No shortcuts, no loose ends. FULLY own it.

When I reached the point I felt ready to help others – because I was fully owning my personal empowerment and 100% aligned with my inner truth – I realised that stepping into your personal empowerment is key for any Empath.

Because many Empaths tend to stay powerless and a victim mode/mindset for a long time, where they need to learn certain lessons.

It is only when you get out of that victim mode and step into empowerment that you can truly help others – not at the expense of your well-being, because you know that putting your well-being first as a priority is the most important.

You also realise that you are not responsible for other people’s lives or healing and you can only help the ones that are READY and willing to do their inner work.

Because if you don’t fully step into your personal empowerment and you want to help the whole world regardless, you will only attract people that will want to feed in your energy and take advantage.

That’s the basis of the coaching work I do today with my clients: help them clear all the negative energies, blockages and limiting beliefs and step into their personal empowerment fully, creating an amazing life.

So, keep reading because I’m going to tell you the 4 best tips for Empaths to step into empowerment:

1. You can choose what to feel, when and how

You are not at the mercy of feeling other people’s negative emotions and energy at all times everywhere you go.

Thinking you are is a sign you are living in a powerless mode.

You can decide when, how and if you are going to take in other people’s energy and emotions and let it affect you or not.

All you need to do is to set up the intention of what you want it to be, from a place of inner power and believe it will be as you decide.

2. Set up boundaries

You need to set up boundaries not to other people but to yourself.

Tell yourself that you refuse to get to the point of exhaustion and feeling drained, and you will stop anything you are doing when it doesn’t feel good anymore.

You also need to start saying no to the things you don’t want or to people that don’t resonate with you.

Your well-being needs to come first at all times, and this is non-negotiable.

As you put boundaries to yourself, you’ll stop attracting people and situations that cross your boundaries, and start attracting other type of people and experiences that respect you, because you are respecting yourself first.

3. Connect with how you feel

How you feel, your emotions, is where your power is.

So you need to be very aware of how you feel at all times, so you can get out of the mind and acting from your thoughts and get into acting from how you feel.

This is not something most of us are used to doing, as we live in a society that praises the mind and cold facts rather than how we feel.

And as an Empath, you might have a hard time distinguishing from your own emotions and other people’s emotions.

So, every day take some time to sit in silence and be with yourself. You can meditate if you want, but that is not mandatory.

You can simply just be with yourself and listening within, to how you feel and connect with your heart center. This can bring up certain feelings that were stuck in yourself and need to be released. Let it be.

The more you allow yourself to feel, the more you connect with it and the more aware you’ll be in your everyday life, living a life of truly empowerment.

4. Act from inspired guidance

Many Empaths, especially the ones that have the calling to help other people, are a lot on their masculine energy of doing and make things happen… all the time.

Because again, we live in a world that praises the “go get it” and “make things happen”, and completely ignores the feminine energy of just allowing and flowing.

That can take you into exhaustion, frustration and even resentment, because you are just ignoring the “being” part of yourself, only focusing on the “doing”.

We are all co-creators of our lives, but we co-create together with the Universe.

So, you need to know when to act and when to stop. Acting should come from inspired guidance. It should feel good, exciting and joyful.

When it stops feeling good, it is because it is time to stop and give space to the Universe to do its part. It’s time to rest and take care of yourself and shift into feminine energy.

And this is true for both men and women alike, we all have both feminine and masculine energies that need to be balanced.

When you are connected to how you feel, when you put your well-being first and only act from inspired guidance, that’s when your reality starts to change and you can create the amazing life you deserve.


  1. Thank you so much. This affirms the next part of my journey. Thank you, darling.

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