10 Daily Law of Attraction Tips

The Law of Attraction is always at work.

So, in order to make it work the way you want it, we’ve gathered the best 10 Law of Attraction tips that you can apply daily.

These are simple tips that I use myself every day. You can print it out and leave it on a place you see it every day.

I advise you to leave it in your bedroom so every morning when you wake up, you can read it and dedicate a few minutes to focus and start your day with a positive vibration.

What matters is that you feel good, you feel joy and you’re in the vortex. These tips will help you on that.

1. Choose joy in everything you do

If you want to be in the vortex and aligned with the life you want, you need to make conscious choices every day.

Choices that are aligned with the life you want. And I’m not referring to big choices, but everything: the big, the small and everything in between.

From the clothes you choose to wear, the food you choose to eat, the people you surround yourself with, everything and everyone you give your attention to.

A simple way of making those choices is paying full attention to how you feel.

If something or someone feels good and you feel joy and healthy doing something, eating a particular food or talking to someone, that is a great sign that you’re aligned.

If something or someone doesn’t feel good and you feel negative energy, just say NO!

You have the right to say no to anyone or anything that doesn’t make you feel good and brings you a negative energy. You don’t need that.

You cannot say yes to just a few of those negative things either. Because either you’re aligned or you’re not. There’s no other way.

Focus on the things that bring you joy and the Universe will bring you more of it.

2. Let go of the need to control

When we focus so much on the things we want to attract into our lives we tend to sometimes obsess about how they’re going to happen.

How will the Universe bring me money? How will I find my soulmate? How will I find a career that fulfil me?

And we tend to think that we need to do, and do, and do, in order for things to manifest. In other words, control the process.

So, I’m going to tell you something new: there’s nothing to control. The Universe knows exactly what you want and doesn’t need your help in order to deliver it to you.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to sit all day doing nothing just waiting to receive. What it means is that you’ll stay open to act on the divine guidance you’ll receive and that is enough.

The most important thing is to stay aligned in the vibration, in the vortex. That’s how you attract what you want.

So, stop feeling that you need to control everything. Controlling is a very masculine energy and you need both feminine and masculine energies balanced in order to manifest: going with the flow (feminine energy) and acting on divine guidance (masculine energy).

3. Notice the signs

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that you’re receiving signs from the Universe everyday.

Those signs come from your higher self, you guides and the Universe.

They can take many forms because the Universe is very creative! It can be the lyrics in a music that you pay attention to, a phrase you read, sequencial numbers, something someone says in the supermarket, etc, etc.

These signs are there to help you and to guide you. If you notice one of these signs and you think “wow, this is a validation of what I was thinking!”, then you can be sure it wasn’t random.

4. Follow the divine guidance

When you’re open to receive, you don’t just receive the things you want to attract.

You’ll receive divine guidance in the form of ideas or opportunities that come to you. And you’ll feel excited about them because you’re being guided to take specific actions that will help you manifest what you want.

You can actually feel very inspired to act upon the guidance. Even if you don’t exactly see how it relates to manifest what you want, you KNOW it is what you need to do.

Don’t hesitate, when you feel divine guidance act upon it.

5. Notice the “little” manifestations

Before you get to manifest the life of your dreams and all you want, you’re going to go on an amazing journey.

Because life is not just about the destination, is about all the wonderful things that happen on the journey to the manifestation.

So, instead of only focusing on the end goal, start noticing all the “little” manifestations of the life you want to live.

An email with a great business opportunity, an invite to an event that will give you great ideas, an amazing discount on something you always wanted to do, etc, etc.

Feel excited with those manifestations, honour them because they’re not only amazing but it’s a way of the Universe telling you: “keep going, you’re doing great and we’re helping you”.

And when you notice these “little” manifestations and feel truly happy about them, you’re already happy in your life as if all you wanted is already yours – which really is.

6. Stay open to whatever comes next

It is normal to have questions or doubts like “am I ever going to get there”, or “am I doing the things I need to do”.

Just don’t believe everything you think. The ego can trick you into a state of fear and close you down and out of the vortex

Instead, let those thoughts come and don’t give them your attention. Accept them and let them go.

You know what you want and you know you deserve it. So, change your thoughts into something that aligns with your positive vibration.

If it feels to overwhelming, just change the environment you’re in. Go outside for a walk, talk to someone that has a positive vibration, go do some exercise, play with dog, listen to your favourite music, etc.

Do something that you enjoy and makes you happy and you’ll notice those thoughts disappear, so you continue to stay open to receive good things.

Also, be open to the fact that sometimes things don’t happen exactly as you expect them to happen. And very often they happen in a much better way!

So, stay open to whatever comes next!

7. Let your inner child come out to play

We live in a society that links being silly to some particular event or situations where it is “normal” to be silly.

Otherwise, you need to be an “adult”, right?! Wrong! Because being silly connects you with what feels good to you.

You can be whatever you want. If you feel like being silly, just be. If it makes you feel happy, just do it and have fun!

Do not pay attention to other people’s judgements or criticism. Very often, when you let your inner child come out to play, you’re even showing other people that yes they can do the same!

So, let your inner child come out and play! Have fun. Not just on “special occasions”, but every.single.day.

And you’ll be amazed at how his will sparkle your creativity!

8. Take time to meditate

Take time daily to be in solitude, even if it is for just 10 minutes.

Meditate doesn’t mean you need to sit down on the floor and follow some kind of meditation technique, although you can do it if you want.

Meditation takes many forms, you can go for a walk around nature, take a bubble bath, dance to your favourite song, etc.

Anything that connects you with yourself and will help you listen to your inner voice, do that.

9. Stay in the now

One of the reasons many people find the Law of Attraction difficult is because they tend to focus too much on the end goal.

You need to let go of your past for sure, but you also need to let go of your future too.

You already asked the Universe for what you want, so it’s time to let go and enjoy your present moment!

Focusing too much on the future will make you feel anxious and worried. And anxiety and worry will keep you out of the vortex.

Because the truth is, there’s nothing to worry about. Everything is being taken care of, and you only need to enjoy the present moment, the now!

And when you enjoy the now and let go of the future, is when you let the magic happen.

Of course you can imagine and visualize your future and the things you want, but do it in a way that makes you feel GOOD.

Many people do the opposite, they think in a way that makes them feel bad because they focus on the lack of what they want and worry it won’t happen in the future. Again, this is the ego playing tricks on you.

When you visualize, focus on the “feeling good” and bring that vibration to the now. That’s the trick.

10. Learn more about the Law of Attraction

Watch videos, read articles, go to Law of Attraction events, talk to people that are into it.

The more you learn about it, the more you can achieve and maintain your vibrational level and stay in the vortex.