What Role Does The Law Of Attraction Play In Manifesting Your Dream Life?

By: Rabia Gul Khan

You may or may not have already heard of ‘The law of attraction’ and have been skeptical of its implementations and correlation with your thoughts alone, manifesting a life you’ve always dreamt of into reality. 

For many of us, life can seem like it doesn’t go our way most of the time.

It isn’t always easy to keep a clear collective mindset in the most challenging situations, and it’s even harder to think positively when faced with adversity.

Finding a professional such as a counsellor in belper should always be the first option.

However, there is something else you can try right now that may help you change not only your perspective of life but also how the power of attraction affects your external world.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy that states that having a positive mindset and focusing on positive energy will bring about positive outcomes or results.

Likewise, surrounding yourself with negativity will only bring negative outcomes. In other words, you receive what you internalize and put out into the world.

There are three concepts that are tied together with this law, and these are: 

1. Similar energies attract each other

2. In nature nothing remains empty 

3. The present always remains perfect

Similar energies attract each other

We tend to be drawn by things and people with similar ideas, morals, or lifestyles.

Similarly, we will be more attracted to the people and lifestyles we find interesting and aspiring.

Being polarized towards specific people or situations only comes from internally wanting to associate with or live through that situation.

Simply put, our perspective attracts the results we see in the external world.

In nature nothing remains empty

This law of attraction is directly based on some of the laws of thermodynamics.

The second law generally states that space cannot remain empty and continually increase with the space you choose to surround yourself in.

Tidying up to fill the space, we are attracting new things to fill in.

Positive or negative things all depend on what we allow to enter that space.

The present always remains perfect

This may be a ‘difficult pill to swallow’ when you know your life may not be the perfect way you want it to be.

Whether it’s a dead-end job, finances, school and grades, friends and family, or you’re not where you thought you’d be.

And that’s the thing, you ‘thought’ about where you’ll see yourself instead of thinking about your present.

The goal here is perfecting the present as it is where you stand and embracing that fact. 

If you want something to be perfect, like the perfect life, job, or relationship, then work on perfecting everything you presently have.

Work on perfecting all the skills at your disposal and the life lessons you receive from the people you have currently around you.

Take advantage of your current life and move forward with the present.

How to use the law of attraction?

There is a list of ways to use the law of attraction in your favor. These are as follows:

You decide on what you focus on

And with that, you decide on what you want your life to look like and how you feel.

Focusing on the positive is essential to bring positive results into your world.

To do this, you can make a journal of the things you focus on when success or adversity arises in your life.

Choosing to take the positives will help you solve your problems and quickly move past them.

Get up and move!

The mind is naturally inclined towards negativity, and negativity is the last thing you want to preoccupy your thoughts.

Getting your body moving is a great way to eliminate negative energy and stress.

Try swimming, jogging, yoga, walking, and even dancing. 

Gratitude and the law of attraction

Gratitude can be attributed as the core of all positive emotions and thoughts.

Practicing gratitude helps you deliberately bring positivity to your life. It enables you to focus on all the positives while simultaneously encouraging thankfulness toward it. 

Keeping a gratitude journal will help you organize and look through all the things you can be grateful for throughout the day. Eventually, gratitude will start coming naturally to you.

By that time, positive thoughts and feelings are going to naturally attract more positivity into your life. When you send positive energy into the universe, you get positivity back.

Take away

The law of attraction is a philosophy which is to say that basically everything you put into the universe, you get the same back.

If you become a being as someone who radiates positivity inside and out, that’s what the universe will send back to you, and the truth is the same with negativity. It’s also, on a surface level, a mindset.

When you have a more positive outlook, you’re more likely to move forward and get things done the way you want. 


Rabia Gul Khan is an enthusiastic writer, she loves to read and write about new technology, fashion, design, health, and traveling.

She is keen to pen down the latest information and knowledge to educate readers about new things.

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