7 Law of Attraction Hacks to Transform Your Manifesting Game

Manifestation is a never-ending adventure of learning and creation. 

No matter where you are on this journey of yours, you can still become a better manifester and give life to your wildest dreams.

Since everything is possible with the law of attraction and your wonderful imagination, why not get better at this amazing mind game, right? 

In this article, I am going to give you 7 laws of attraction hacks that will transform your manifestation game forever. So, are you ready to learn those secret hacks? 

Alright. Let’s get started! 

Harness your breath

Each breath that you take can be a powerful point of attraction for your desires. Still, most of us are so busy with our lives that we never pay attention to how we breathe.

But from now on, you can make a conscious decision to take a few mindful deep breaths every hour. This will recalibrate your energy and vibrations while aligning you with your desires.

Acknowledge negative emotions

When people first learn about the concept of manifestation, they somehow feel obliged to stay in a happy, cheerful mood 24/7.

Now we all know that staying positive all the time is not humanly possible. Sometimes, negative emotions will appear, and it’s your job to acknowledge them. 

Once you acknowledge them and give them a safe passage to move, they won’t affect you in the same debilitating manner.

Practice the art of giving

To be a worthy receiver, you first have to be a giver. That’s a law of nature, and it applies to the realm of manifesting as well. 

So, practice giving more love, attention, money and anything else you have with a firm faith that it will return to you multiplied. 

Try “State akin to sleep” technique

If you haven’t been using Neville Goddard’s state akin to sleep technique, you have been missing out on a lot, my friend!

This fantastic technique teaches us to visualize our desired future before going to sleep. This time is incredibly powerful for rewiring your mind for new beliefs and thought patterns. 

Use “Isn’t it wonderful”

Before we move on, allow me to introduce to you another amazing manifesting hack by Neville simply because he was a manifesting genius and all his methods work like a charm.

So, all you have to do for this is say statements like, “Isn’t it wonderful that what I want is already here?” or “Isn’t it wonderful that I have now manifested a million dollars” before sleep.

Do you get the point? 

The purpose of these statements is to make your mind believe that what you want has already manifested. This removes all the resistance from the manifestation process.  

Abandon the fear

One of the biggest obstacles people face in manifesting is the fear of not getting what they want or simply doubting their abilities.

If you, too, feel overwhelmed by any doubts, reflect on what the universe is reminding you of and work on fixing those issues. 

Listen to cheerful music

The last but most important law of attraction hack I have for you today is to leverage the power of good music.

Music is amazing and happy music has the power to lift your vibration instantly. So, make it a part of your daily manifesting routine. 

Over to You

Which routines are you incorporating into your daily life? Share it below in the comments!