The Cinnamon Abundance Ritual – Do This on The First Day of The Month!

Cinnamon has been famous since ancient times for attracting prosperity and abundance.

Apart from being a fantastic spice which adds a unique flavor to your food and drinks, cinnamon also is incredibly beneficial for your health. Cinnamon reduces your blood sugar levels, increases your metabolic rate, protects your brain and reduces inflammation in your body.

However, if you are in the spiritual and manifestation space, you must have come across this exciting idea of attracting prosperity through cinnamon.​​ This is also called the cinnamon abundance ritual.

The cinnamon abundance ritual is all about bringing a positive vibration to your home so that your home becomes a magnet for all good energies – like abundance, affluence and prosperity. 

In this blogpost, we will guide you through different ways you can incorporate the powerful aura of cinnamon into your life to attract all the good things you desire.

But first let’s go through the ritual that’s everyone’s absolute favorite – sprinkling cinnamon powder at your doorstep. 

Cinnamon Abundance Ritual (Step-by-step method) 

This is the most famous and widely practiced cinnamon ritual which involves sprinkling the cinnamon powder at the front door of your house. 

The spiritual significance of this ritual revolves around the importance of your front door as the main entrance to your house. Symbolically this represents the entrance of different energies in your household. 

So, if you take out time to purify and bless this space, naturally you are going to open your house to receiving positive energy and abundance.

Below is an easy-to-follow explanation of how to perform this ritual.

On the first day of every month, you must blow the cinnamon so as to pull prosperity into your house.

Here’s how to do the cinnamon abundance ritual:

1- On the first day of the month, put cinnamon powder in the palm of your right hand and go to the door of your house.

2 – Before blowing the powder, repeat with faith: “When this cinnamon blows, prosperity here will enter. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon blows, abundance here will live!”

3- Blow the cinnamon from the outside to the inside of your house, thinking that abundance and success will enter your house together with the powder.

4- Leave the cinnamon powder on the floor after blowing for at least 24 hours (until the 1st of the month is over). Then you can clean it.

While you do this ritual, we want you to be mindful of a few things.

You should know and appreciate that all your  thoughts, emotions and feelings are made up of energy.

Each thought you think has a certain frequency and every emotion you feel in your body resonates at some vibration as well.

So, to make this ritual even more potent, you must be vigilant of your thoughts not only while performing the ritual but also on the days that follow. 

Remember to keep the vibration high with positive thoughts,because then the results will come for sure!

Other ways to use cinnamon to attract abundance

Apart from the ritual of blowing cinnamon at your doorstep, there are other methods which work equally good (if not better!). 

Since cinnamon is itself such an amazing attractor of positive energies, the rituals don’t matter as much as the presence of cinnamon does! 

So, no matter what ritual you perform, you must have a firm faith that the abundant energy of cinnamon is going to do wonders for your life.

Also, we would suggest you experiment with different methods. Try one for a week or so and if it doesn’t feel good or natural, you are free to move onto the next.

Here are four other ways that will help you incorporate the rich and abundant energy of cinnamon into your life:

Take a big salt bath with cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to your bath routine is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and senses with its powerful aroma.

Such a joyful bath will instantly lift your mood and will put you in alignment with your desires. 

Burn cinnamon incense at home

Burning cinnamon incense will fill your home with the vibrations of wealth, abundance and prosperity. Try going through each room with the incense so that your entire house is purified from the negative energy of lack.

Also its strong aroma when inhaled will also prove anti-inflammatory benefits to your body and to everyone else in the house.

Put a cinnamon stick in your pocket or handbag

In order to be surrounded by strong vibrations, people carry crystals in their handbags or pockets all the time. 

It’s your chance to put a creative twist on that and put a cinnamon stick instead.

Carrying this cinnamon stick with you will offer you the guidance and help you need to invite more prosperity into your life. 

Always remember to carry it to your workplace. You will find new opportunities and see new doors opening up for you.

– Put cinnamon powder in your coffee or tea

You can also start putting a little cinnamon powder in your tea or coffee.

Doing so will not only improve your health but will also align you with the frequency of abundance, effortlessly. 

Benefits of using cinnamon to attract prosperity & abundance

Before we end this article, it’s a good idea to go through all the benefits of using cinnamon once more so that your faith in its power becomes stronger.

Once you have a strong faith in its efficacy, then the manifestations are bound to come. The abundance and prosperity is bound to knock at your door. That’s how powerful this ancient spice is.

Here are the top 4 benefits of using cinnamon in your manifesting rituals:

1. Through its strong energetic properties, Cinnamon instantly lifts up the vibration of a place. 

This can be your room, your apartment or your house. 

Whether you burn the cinnamon incense or use its essential oil, it is sure to give your place an instant energy boost. 

2. The law of vibration (also known as the law of attraction) says that we get what we project into the universe. 

When cinnamon purifies our energy, we are only left with positive frequencies which means we become a magnet for positivity. 

3. If you are looking to manifest money in your life, cinnamon can be a game changer.

Cinnamon realigns your energy field and tunes it to higher frequencies like abundance and prosperity. 

4. Cinnamon is a spice with natural anti-inflammatory properties. 

This means that while you will be using it for manifesting purposes, simultaneously it would bring positive changes in your health.