The 20 Best Affirmations To Boost Prosperity in Your Life

What are affirmations? Affirmations are positive sentencies we say to ourselves every day, when we need it, in order to reprogram our mind.

For example, if we live for too long in a lack and scarcity minset, affirmations will help us reprogram our mind to step into a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

So we step into a much higher vibration, where we can manifest everything we want.

Positive affirmations also help to reprogramação your mind in the sense that you start believing that everything you want to manifest in your life is already a reality.

These affirmations can be said out loud early in the morning, before going to sleep, or any other times during the day we feel we need them, especially those times when your mind starts to drift away into insecurities and doubts.

Positive affirmations are a great help in helping aligning you with manifesting your best life.

1. I deserve everything I desire simply because I am in this world and I desire them. 

2. Financial resources are abundant in my life and they appear from many different sources.

3. There is always an overflow of money in my life.

4. Abundance and prosperity are my natural state.

5. The more gratitude I feel for the money I have now, the more money appears in my life.

6. Money is my friend and my life partner. 

7. I pay my bills with love and joy, knowing that I am taking good care of myself and the ones I love.

8. I open the doors for money to enter in my life.

9. I always have what I need in every single day of my life.

10. There is always more money coming into my life in the most unexpected ways. 

11. An overflow of money allows me to create my dream life and take care of the people I love.

12. Money is directly related to my soul expansion in this life. 

13. I love myself unconditionally and the prosperity I have in my life reflects that. 

14. I am open to receive an overflow of abundance in my life every single day. 

15. I have a birth right to live in abundance and prosperity.

16. The world is abundant.

17. I am magnet attracting money.

18. The more I take care of myself and only accept what is good to me, the more prosperity I attract into my life.

19. I release all resistance and negative thoughts around money and allow myself to have a good relationship with money. 

20. My truth is being abundant.