Letter to the Universe

You’re going now to write a letter to the Universe and ask for everything you need, in detail.

But, instead of writing “I want” or “I will be”, you’re going to be using instead “I have” and “I am”.

The difference is the first ones are focusing on lack and hope, whilst the others are focused on you believing it is happening already and in trust.

If you wish to see the difference in vibrational alignment, you can even write the letter with “I want”, read it, and then when you finish, substitute all the “I want” for “I have”, and see the miracle happening. It is instant alignment!

See the difference in how you feel making the switch from one to the other.

I did this for myself. When I started using the Law of Attraction in my life, I had a bit of trouble on how to feel as I already have it.

Writing this letter was the click I needed. I wrote this letter, put the date and read it every single day.

Every time I read it the feeling of “I have” was more real. This was true positive brainwash! 😀

After you write it, you can read this letter anytime you want, but you only need to ask the Universe once. No need to ask again and again every time you read it.

You read to feel you have it, not to ask again, because asking and asking again means you’re not sure if it’s happening already.

And it is.

Things started to manifest much more quickly after I wrote the letter, because I was believing it more and more. This is powerful stuff!

That’s why I’m telling you to do this. You’ll love this exercise!

How to write your letter

You might want to do this using pen and paper, not on the computer, so the letter has your handwriting and your energy.

So, you write a letter starting by “Dear Universe”, and then write down all the “I have”, in the most detail possible.

If you wish to manifest money, tell the Universe what and how much you wish to manifest. Don’t just say “I have lots of money”, say “I have $100.000 in my bank account”.

Because if you say “I have lots of money”, this can mean different things: it might mean you start earning more money or it might mean that you start to organise your money better.

If you wish to manifest your dream home, describe the house: how many bedrooms does it have? Does it have a garden? Where is the garage? Where is the house located?

If you wish to manifest a love partner, write all the qualities they have. Do they have their own business? Are they single and available? Do they like to travel? Are they spiritual?

Be the most specific you can. Each single thing you’re writing FEEL IT. Visualise it and feel it happening.

Feel you looking at your bank account and seeing that amount of money. Feel you parking your car in the garage and entering your dream home. Feel you meeting your love partner for the first time – feel all the butterflies in the stomach and the warm in your heart.

You can even go further if you want and wrote a letter to yourself from the Universe, saying “you have this”, “you have that”, go to the post office and post the letter to yourself. 🙂 Really powerful stuff when you receive a letter like this!

Now, you’re going to keep the letter you wrote and read every single day, morning and evening before going to sleep. Read it out loud if you wish. Read it looking at yourself in the mirror.

You’ll start believing you have all you want so much that the Universe has nothing else to do but to deliver it to you.