The Difference Between Wanting Money and Having Money

One of the things that usually those who use the Law of Attraction want to manifest is money and prosperity.

But for a lot of people it seems to be something very difficult to do. They either get some money but not large amounts or not large amounts consistently.

So you wonder what you’re doing wrong, you try other techniques, you start to feel frustrated, etc.

The most important thing that many people who want to manifest money with the Law of Attraction doesn’t realize is what energy they are in: whether they’re on WANTING or HAVING.

And here’s the difference:

The Energy of WANTING

When you want money you’re basically saying you don’t have it.

This communicates to the universe you are lacking money. You’re focused on its absence.

And the universe only says YES to everything you think and feel. It just confirms that what you think and feel is true, and bring you more things to confirm it.

In other words, if you’re emitting energy from a lack of money, from wanting money, then the universe will confirm that by not bringing you more money.

If you want more money, then you’ll keep wanting it.

Because you’re in the energy of wanting.

It’s like the money you want doesn’t exist in your life, or it’s very far away way from you. And that’s not true.

The money isn’t near or far. It’s available immediately when you open the doors to it.

Many people think that in order to manifest what they want, they have to focus constantly on this wanting.

And what happens in reality is that we manifest precisely when we do not focus on wanting!

The universe knows what you want. It knows very well who you we are and your desaires. And the Universe just wants you to realize you already have what you want.

And that’s why the HAVING energy is so different.

The HAVING Energy

The energy of having is the energy of abundance and gratitude. The energy you need to be in to manifest more money consistently.

Just as when you focus on wanting money, the Universe tells you YES and you continue in the energy of wanting, when you focus on having money, the Universe also tells you YES and brings you more money.

Because you focus on what you already have.

And how do you focus on having money already?

By giving VALUE and being grateful for the money you already have!

Do you have money in your life? In your bank account? So you’re already in the energy of manifesting money in your life!

And that is true regardless of the amount of money you have now.

Most people are already in the energy of abundance and are manifesting money without realizing it. Because they don’t value what they have, but what they haven’t.

So start looking at the money you have right now and start feeling abundant.

You need to value every penny you have and feel abundant. Feel happy and grateful every time you spend your money on things for yourself, for your life and for those you love and care for.

Yes, even when you pay bills! Because you’re taking care of yourself and who you love.

And the money that hasn’t manifested itself in your life is part of the same money you have now.
It is your energy of abundance!

So forget about “wanting money” because the money you want is already YOURS!

Get into that frequency of feeling abundant and rich for every penny you have.

That energy is what will attract more and more money to you as if you were a magnet.

Because if you already have, the universe will bring you more to confirm it. 🙂

And this works for everything else you want to manifest:

I HAVE my dream home

I’M a millionaire

I HAVE my dream car

I HAVE a successful business

I HAVE a happy and healthy love relationship


Write these affirmations of HAVING and put them in a visible space in your home.

Read it out loud every day. Until you believe you already have.