The Two Secret Law Of Attraction Ingredients to Manifest All You Want

So you have gone through a lot already in your life trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want: releasing old stuff, believing and owning your power, listening to your intuition, following divine guidance.

Now I am going to tell you the secret ingredient to manifest all you want.

Let me start by saying this: when I figured this out a long time ago, that’s when my life started to change in a FLASH.

I am someone who thinks too much and I used to live a lot on my head. That didn’t take me anywhere. Well I mean, it took me to a lot of places, people and events, but I was always out of alignment with my true self.

I would have glimpses of manifestation here and there and many many experiences showing me what I could have if I get into alignment, but I couldn’t figure out “how to get there”.

And, of course, what I sued to do was thinking about it. To the point of smoke coming out of my ears. lol

And here is where a lot of courses and books about the Law of Attraction fail.

They tell you to think positively, to visualize, to ask, etc. That is all ok, but those are empty if you miss the two main ingredients that are the like the baking powder to make all rise and manifest:


Alignment is nothing more than feeling good. Feeling good and having fun is your normal state when you’re connected to the Universe.

Anything that makes you feel bad, unhappy, etc, are all a lie to you and keep you out of alignment.

No amount of positive thinking or visualisation will work if you don’t FEEL IT running through all the cells in your body.

Manifesting is nothing more than allowing. Allowing what you asked for and is already yours, to show up in your life.

Is like it’s at the door waiting for you to feel good enough to open the door and allow it to enter.

How to do this thing of feeling good and having fun?

So often we compromise our souls doing things we don’t like or that make us feel unhappy out of obligation or because “we have to”.

Or we think that in order to manifest we need to hustle 24/7 and exhausting ourselves and working really hard. That is all bulls***!

This is supposed to be fun and easy. Manifesting is about feeling good and consciously choosing things and people and events that we feel good about. Discard the rest!

I’ll say it again: discard the rest!

You may say: “oh but I have so many obligations in my life, I have to do this or that”.

Listen to what you’re saying. “I have to”. Like it isn’t a choice. You’re basically giving your power away to something or someone else.

The “have to” in your life is a choice you made, no one made it for you. And it is an excuse.

In order to align, you need first to start saying no to what you don’t want, what you don’t like and it’s not aligned with your true self. This is living in integrity!

And then you need to start consciously choosing what you like and makes you feel good.

I’ve worked with clients that up until this point didn’t even know what they like!

You might start with simple things such as choosing your favourite coffee at the coffee shop and not the cheapest one or the one someone else chooses for you that you don’t even enjoy it.

Stop going to an exercise class at the gym that makes you feel exhausted and down, and choosing a dance class that makes you feel good instead!

Buying those shoes that you are fixated on because they make you feel awesome!

When you start to consciously choose what makes you feel good, guess what: you’re allowing that more things you like enter your life.

Imagine that you’re a huge magnet, sending out a vibration into the Universe.