Empaths: It’s Time To Let Go of The Protective Bubble

As an Empath that takes in the emotions and energy of others, you might have learned several ways to protect yourself.

One of those ways is to imagine yourself inside a protective bubble or shield where nothing can affect you.

Whilst this can be a solution for Empaths that just found out they’re Empaths and are still navigating and learning more about it, it is not a sustainable situation for too long and certainly it is not something to do for the rest of your life.

Because the thing is, the true purpose of you as an Empath is to go within yourself, find and connect with your inner power and let it come out fully into the open.

So when you go inside the protective bubble, you’re coming not from a place of empowerment, but instead from a place of fear.

You fear that other people’s emotions and energy will affect you negatively, that you’ll get exhausted, drained, taking advantage of. So you protect yourself inside that bubble.

But what truly happens when you go inside the bubble is that you close yourself to the world. You are in fear of it. You become disconnected from everything around you.

And fear comes from the ego. It is a survival thing. Your ego wants you to stay in a “safe” place because its goal is pure survival.

But survival is not living. It is certainly not living at your true potential and not sharing and using your gifts fully.

The Road to Empowerment

The journey for any Empath is the journey to Personal Empowerment.

All the experiences you’ve had all your life, even the very painful and traumatic ones, are wake-up calls for you to go within and connect with your inner power, with your true self.

For example, one pattern very present in an Empath’s life is to attract and relate to narcissistic people.

Narcissistic people live their lives relying completely on their false self. That’s why they act and react the way they do, because they’re powerless in their false selfs, but they want to make you believe the contrary.

When a narcissist comes into an Empath’s life (it can be a romantic partner, a friend, a family member, etc), they are being like a mirror to you.

A narcissistic avoids going within and connecting with their true self, and they are showing the Empath that they are doing the same, avoiding going within and finding their inner power.

This can be a long journey but when the Empath finally starts to wake-up and realising the only way to go is within themselves, instead of trying to save the entire world, that’s when their reality starts to change too.

That is the true path to personal empowerment.

When the Empath wakes up to this and takes the conscious decision to connect with their true selves and start living life from their truth, that’s when the narcissistic people stop showing up in their lives, as well as other painful experiences.

And that’s when you learn that you don’t need any protective bubble and never did.

When you step into personal empowerment fully, you become like a tree, grounded in who you are.

You are showing up fully into the world, you are connected with everyone and everything around you, but you don’t take others energy and emotions anymore, because YOU decide that’s not going to happen.

You find out that you do have the power to decide when, if, and how, you’re going to take in other people’s energy.

Like the tree that feels the wind but doesn’t become the wind. That feels the rain but doesn’t become the rain.

You can connect and be with other people, and even follow the calling to be a lightworker and help other people but without exhausting or draining yourself because you’re completely grounded in who you are.

Setting up boundaries

You learn to set up boundaries not just for other people, but for yourself too.

You stop accepting things that don’t resonate with you and you stop saying yes to people and things you want to say no to.

That’s also when you start attracting people into your life that are in a completely different vibrational frequency than the type of people you used to attract before: people that respect yourself and your boundaries, because YOU do respect yourself first.

So, you needed the bubble before because before you didn’t have any boundaries and you were afraid of stepping into your personal empowerment.

New life, new reality

When you live your life without the need to hide yourself inside a bubble, and you are able to show up fully into the world, you can be anywhere you choose.

You can even be around a crowd of people that you feel fine. Because you decide to feel fine.

You are still an Empath. You can still feel other people’s emotions and their energy, but you don’t attach yourself to it anymore. You don’t take it inside yourself. You feel it as something outside and you only take it within if you want to.

This is when you can start deliberately creating an amazing life that comes from your truth. No more giving your power away to others.

When you get to this point – and you will if you decide to do the work within – life starts flowing and you’ll realise that being an Empath is an amazing and beautiful blessing.

If you are reading this, the law of attraction brought you here. Your soul is craving for more and is telling you that you are ready to let go of the bubble – for good.

You are ready for the next amazing chapter of your life.


  1. Cassie

    LOA did bring me here because I have been asking how do I move to the next step. I am ready for it and now I see I have been in a protective bubble, I will learn to come out. I knew I had to follow the thread. I bothered me until I did. Thank you universe.

    1. Carla Gadyt

      Absolutely Cassie! You set up the intention and the Universe started to bring you the answers.
      I wish you the best and if you need help or guidance let me know. 🙂

  2. Lauren

    Amen!! It took me over 65 years to come to this point in recognition of my empathic power. It is all so very clear to me now. I have a personal heart meter that comes up while I am meditating. I am slightly choked up and about to cry when I am being called to help someone when they come to my mind. I hold this feeling while seeing them in my mind’s eye. When the healing has been received the choked up feeling and many years later the feeling goes away as if it was never there and I can move on. Now I never question the choked up feeling. I just know my heart is wanting to do its thing. I hold it there until it’s done it’s thing. No words need to be spoken. The gift has been given. The “subject” has moved on to a higher vibration. They don’t even know what has happened. It is quite evident something miraculous has happened. These events are usually validated by my next encounter with the person who came to mind. There seems to be a very special and warm bond that was not there previously. I am generally in a state of profound gratitude these days. And now, finally, my whole life makes sense.

    1. Carla Gadyt

      Lauren thank you for your comment. I know very well what you mean, Empaths are powerful in transmuting negative energy into positive and making “miracles” happen. I’m happy that you came into that awareness. 🙂

  3. Diana

    Thank you so much, Carla. Your words resonance to my soul. Until yesterday I was still questioning my self, am I crazy? Is it real? Then I went to the mall and jumped into the crowd to feel the energy and how my body reacted. I came home safe, with full energy, no draining anymore like it used to.
    I have been through hell and came back alive. It needs 38 years to come to this point. What I felt as a threat before, that’s actually someone/something’s crying for help. My eyes open wide with that realization. I don’t need bubble shielding anymore. I’m powerful empath now (mmm…I think). This gift is truly a blessing, magical, and overwhelmingly joyful (I’m not English native speaker, don’t know words to express it). It’s amazing that empath can help others even without they knowing it. My life now is full of synchronicity. I accept my self fully now. I wonder what life will offer me.

    1. Carla Gadyt

      Thank you for your comment Diana! Yes you are a powerful Empath and I am so happy that you came into that realization and awareness! All the painful experiences are mainly to wake us up to that awareness. Life will start to unfold beautifully for you and I wish you the best in your journey! 🙂

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