Do This To Manifest Your Desires at Quantum Speed

Many Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques around require subconscious reprogramming, subliminals, hypnosis, or rewiring of your neural pathways.

But what if we tell you that although all of that can work, you don’t really need it?

You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. Most often people just haven’t been taught the proper information or practiced it enough to become proficient at it.

And what you need to know to manifest things at quantum speed, is this:

You have your desires because you can visualize and you can feel them.

If you can visualize and you can feel them, you are already manifesting them.

And here’s the yummy part:

You can visualize and you can feel them because they are already part of you. They always have been.

Read that again: your desires are already part of you.

Many people struggle to manifest their desires because there is a disconnection between what they visualise and feel and having those things in the physical.

They see manifesting in the physical like something that is outside of them, distant, external.

That gap is what is preventing them from living their desires in the physical and keeps them at bay.

So here’s what you need to do to remove that gap and manifest faster:

  • Take your desires down from that pedestal

If you tend to put your desires on a pedestal like they are above you (like your dream home, a million dollars, your soulmate, etc), take them down now.

Realize they are not above or below you. THEY ARE YOU. That dream home, health, money overflow, soulmate, etc, have the exact same energy as you.



  • See your desires as normal

Your desires are not “impossible” or “non realistic”, they are NORMAL.

Stop listening to people that say you want too much, or what you want is not for you.

Start seeing your desires as totally normal things that you wish to experience in this life, and that is why you desire them.



  • Stop questioning your worth

Do you question yourself if you deserve your nose? Or if you deserve your hands?

That probably never crossed your mind, right? So why do you question if you deserve to live your desires then?

Your nose is you. Your hands are you.

And remember:


  • Talk about your desires like they are real already

What you desire is not “something that will happen in the future”. They are part of you already. Have always been.

So start talking about them as real in the present moment. Say the dream home you have is wonderful. The happy relationship you have is full of love. The business you just started is so successful.

OWN your desires like they are in front of you.

Because remember:


  • Be the manifesting version of you

Instead of being the wishing version of you, enter into the manifesting version of you.

Everything you think, say, feel and do should be aligned with the person you are when living your desires. Not the person wishing for them. The person LIVING THEM.

Take your decisions and actions in your life from the version of you that already has everything you desire. So, think and act BIG.



Are you ready to manifest? 🙂