Law of Assumption vs Law Of Attraction

The law of assumption and the law of attraction are two of the universal laws that can help you to manifest anything that you want in your life including wealth, success, health, relationships, etc.

These two laws are highly linked and are in sync with each other.

The law of attraction states that positive thoughts bring positive things into your life and negative thoughts bring negative things into your reality.

Whereas, the law of assumption tells that you can manifest your desires by believing that you have already achieved them. 


The law of attraction is one of the most powerful universal laws that states “like attracts like” which means that like thoughts attract like results.

For example, if you are thinking positive thoughts you will attract positive results and experiences or if you are thinking negative thoughts you will gain negative results and experiences.

The law of attraction is completely based on the way you think and it exactly manifests what you are focused upon most of the time. 

This law tells that if you want to manifest anything you want, you need to focus on it consistently until you become a vibrational match to it, and then ultimately, you will attract your desire into your life.


The law of assumption is based on the concept that when you believe that you already have what you want you will manifest it into your life.

By using this law, you can trick your subconscious mind into assuming that you have your desire with you.

Although, this part of the manifestation is quite difficult for most people when they are going to manifest something because the mind can’t easily ignore the physical reality.

If you want to manifest your desires using this law, all you need to do is to implant the belief of already having your desire with you into your subconscious mind through repetition.

One of the best ways to practice your belief is to use affirmations repeatedly during your day to really create that powerful feeling of having what you want. 


Although both of these laws are used in manifestation, there are some differences between them. Following are the differences below:

1. Different manifestation methods

Both the law of assumption and the law of attraction have different methods to manifest anything.

The law of assumption states that whatever the thing you assume as real becomes your reality. Therefore, the key to using this law to manifest your desires is to believe and feel the feelings of having your wishes fulfilled. 

So, if you want to change your reality, you must change the assumptions that you are holding about the world around you. 

On the other hand, the law of attraction states that whatever you are giving your attention to becomes your reality.

So, the key to using the law of attraction to manifest your desires is to give most of your attention and focus on the things you want. You have to master your focus in order to create a powerful attraction with your desire. 

2. Basis

The law of assumption is based on an individual’s assumptions while the law of attraction is based on the concept “like attracts like”.

3. The Existence of Higher Power

The law of assumption doesn’t believe in a higher power, it states that everything in the world is a reflection of your consciousness, so there is no source or any higher power. 

While the law of attraction states that there is a source or higher power that responds to your thoughts and feelings and manifests them into your life. 

4. The Existence of Free Will

The law of assumption states that there is no free will provided to any individual. The whole world is simply a project of his inner world including people and circumstances.

So, if you want to change your outer world you need to change your inner world by changing your assumptions about it. 

The law of attraction states that every person has free will and the ability to manifest his desires and dreams.

It also states that the people around you can’t create anything into your experience unless you allow them by giving attention to them.

This law tells if you want to change people you must change yourself first.