5 Showing Signs That Your Life Is Undergoing A Massive Change

A massive transformation in people’s lives (sometimes known as a spiritual awakening) might feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate as the changes inside yourself and in your physical reality might seem to much to bear.

So, if you too feel “something is happening” in your life, continue to read.

I’ve been there myself on this journey and I am about to tell you 5 signs that your life is undergoing a massive change:

1. The dark night of the soul

This is a phase in your life where you feel you hit rock bottom. Nothing seems to be working in your life, you feel lost, disconnected and with so much darkness inside you.

Is a feeling like you are losing the plot.

You might feel desperate, with no motivation and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

But, instead of thinking that this might be “the end of your life”, usually what this phase is is just the end of your old life as it used to be.

Sometimes we just need to go really deep down in order to plant some seeds. And that’s what this phase is all about.

Those feelings of desperation, feeling lost, exhausted, etc, are needed so you completely feel everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. And you need to feel it all in order to release it.

That is the reason why this phase is so painful. It is extremely painful because it is supposed to connect you with how YOU FEEL.

If you have spent an entire life ignoring or not giving importance to how you feel, now you have no chance but start listening to it. Cry if you feel like it because crying is releasing.

In this phase there are always glimpses of light in the midst of all darkness, sometimes very tiny.

They can come in the form of questions such as “where is my happy self?” or “is this all there is in life?”. Hold on to those questions, even if you don’t have the answers, because that’s where your new life is starting to come from.

I remember when I was in this phase, outside of the house I was living there was a garden with a bench. When I felt overwhelmed I used to sit on that bench, cry my heart out and all sorts of questions will pop up into my mind afterwards.

I didn’t know at the time, but as I was crying, I was releasing stuff. And after the release, the light would appear in my mind like: “am I going to feel like this forever?”, or “is this how life is supposed to be?”.

Those questions gave me that tiny bit of strength and light I needed at that time to keep going, although I didn’t have the awareness of this process at the time.

The thing is, this phase will end and you’ll start coming up again with a complete different energy.

So, the best thing to do in this phase is just let it be and ask for help if needed, from people that understand you.

2. The things you never liked have now become unbearable

This phase usually comes after the previous one.

If you have spent many years of your life accepting things, people and situations that you never liked, never enjoyed or made you feel badly, now they will become unbearable.

It’s like an itchy scarf that doesn’t go away and keeps annoying you and annoying you until you finally decide to take it off… for good.

This is a sure sign that your life is changing in ways that you never experienced before.

And the reason for it is because for the first time in your life you are listening to how you feel.

The previous phase of the dark night of the soul made you connect with your emotions and you now are starting to listen and honour them because you do not want to go back to that phase again ever in your life.

You now realise that no amount of “I should” or “I have to” are more important than your well-being and your sanity.

So, you start to listen to how that itchy scarf feels bad and it becomes unbearable. And you start to take off all the itchy scarfs in your life, one by one.

3. Relationships end and/or change

As your heart chakra is opening and you are raising your vibration, you’ll start to see massive changes in your relationships.

This include all sorts of relationships: romantic, friendships, family, work, etc.

There are relationships that will simply come to an end (especially painful karmic relationships), because as you raise your vibration, you are not a vibrational match to those people anymore.

And there are other relationships that will continue but the dynamics of it will be entirely different. This happens with people that see you growing and evolving and want to go on this journey with you and evolve too.

You’ll be able to develop new dynamics in those relationships because you’re starting to live from your heart center now, so you start to connect with others at a more deeper level than before.

As you start to accept and love yourself unconditionally, you’ll be able to hold that space for others too.

And you’ll also start meeting new people that are more of a vibrational match to your journey and will help you on your journey.

So, my advice here is to allow things to unfold as they should.

This is especially true to those relationships that will end. Sometimes we tend to cling on to them, afraid of letting go because they have been in our lives for so long.

But you know very well now that they do not serve you anymore and do not have a place in your life anymore. They were part of your past and the lessons you needed to learn and they now need to go.

Maybe they’ll come back in the future, maybe they won’t.

If you resist, it will only make things more painful because the relationships will still end. When you allow everything to happen as it should, you do not create resistance and things will flow much better.

In this phase, knowing of self becomes extremely important to you, a priority indeed. And this will be true for the rest of your life.

As you take off all the itchy scarfs, you are making space to who you truly are to come to the surface.

But this can be a confused phase. If you have spent an entire life living with the limiting beliefs of others of how you should behave, what you should do, etc, you might not even know who you truly are and what do you truly like.

I remember in this phase I started living on my own after ending a marriage of 9 years and at the same time I was enjoying my freedom not having to deal with the beliefs of anyone else, and being able to do whatever I wanted, I didn’t know exactly what to do.

So I decided to take baby steps, one day at a time and just keep listening to how I feel. The focus needs to be on how you feel.

Your emotions are your guiding system because they are the result of past centuries and past lives of wisdom that you have inside yourself.

If something feels off, is because is not aligned with your true self. If it feels good, is because it is. Is as simple as this.

So, let yourself be inspired and excited as a child again! Ask for inspired guidance and you will be led to the things that truly make your heart sing!

You might discover new hobbies, a new career, new talents that you didn’t know you have, and as you follow your guidance you’ll be expanding further and further.

Remember, this is a trial and error phase, as you are transmuting your old energy into new energy which is much more positive and aligned with who you really are.

So, allow yourself to try new things and let them go again if you feel they do not feel really good in the end.

This is not about failing or achieving perfection. This is about reaching full expression of your soul into this world.

The result of this phase (that can last many years) is to completely let go of old limiting beliefs and start creating YOUR new beliefs that come from your inner truth.

5. The physical reality starts to match

As you are going through so many internal changes, your physical reality will start to catch up too.

Alignment always comes before the physical reality changes, because we live in a your first Universe.

But, as you align with your inner truth and go on this journey of self discovery and awakening, your physical reality will soon change too.

This can take many forms such as moving house, moving to a new country, change jobs, starting your own business, and also manifesting all sorts of amazing things such as more money, travel, wonderful opportunities and new soul connections, etc, etc.

The Universe will never give you more than you are able to handle at any given time, so your new life will unfold progressively.

This is the phase when you start realising you are the co-creator of your life. Where you start truly connecting with your inner power and you know you can deliberately attract and manifest all you want in your life through the Law of Attraction.

You do not give your power away anymore to others and you start to consciously do the work of vibrationally align with the life you wish to manifest.

This is also the phase where you start to realise that you are not the story of your past. You are about to leave the wounds, the healing and all past experiences behind, feeling grateful for them but stopping to let them define who you are.

You now know you are a soul living a physical experience and you are soooooo much more than what happened in your past in this life.

You know you now can choose to become whatever you want and the only thing that matters is living the present moment with joy and happiness and build an awesome future.

This is an amazing place to be and I consider it bringing heaven to earth.


  1. Judy Lehman

    What about a person that reaches that dark hole & no matter how hard they try cannot see the light? My precious son reached that point & could not see the light & saw suicide as his only option. I lost him 4 yrs ago. He was only 25 & i am devastated by his loss. Not everyone can see the solutions you offer here in your article. I wish to God he could have seen that glimmer of hope & how things can be different & that there truly were ways he could pull himself out of that darkness only he could see. If only……

    1. Carla Gadyt

      Judy, thanks for sharing and I am so sorry for your loss. I am a mom myself and cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child. I am so sorry your son was not able to pull himself out of that dark place, but rest in peace that he is fine now and he is still with you at all times. Much love to you. Carla x

  2. Debrashoppeno5

    This is very insightful and you have given me much food for thought.

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