Movies About the Law of Attraction

As you know, the law of attraction has become the most popular and widely used all around the world. 

It is the hidden secret that once you harness it, you magically transform your life and create a new world out of it. 

All you need to do is to understand how the law of attraction works in every individual’s life. 

And for that, there are many movies and documentaries available that will teach you about the law of attraction. 

These movies will help you broader your perspective about life and motivate you to pursue the biggest dreams in your life. 


Following are the top-10 best law of attraction movies that you must watch to make your deepest desires and dreams come true:

2. The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story (2017)

A movie called The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story is about the remarkable and influential life and work of Jack Canfield. 

He is a well-known businessman, professional speaker, and best-selling author.

This movie gives a deep knowledge about Jack’s wisdom in life, and how he taught millions of people all around the world with his famous book “Chicken soup” for the soul book series. 

It explains what inspired him to create and spread his motivational message to inspire and empower people’s lives.

2. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (2006)

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the most popular movie about the law of attraction as it gives a very deep understanding of this law and how it works through the interviews and documentaries of professionals and authors in psychology, quantum physics, metaphysics, and personal development. 

It explains that in order to manifest anything you want you must think and focus on it continuously and believe that you have achieved it already while maintaining your positive feelings. 

The beauty of this movie is that every time you watch it you will discover new ideas and thoughts that will help you in enriching your life and fill yourself with positive feelings. 

3. Heal (2017)

The movie “Heal” is another law of attraction movie that focuses on the natural healing aspect of the body using the law of attraction. 

This movie tells you about your inner healing power and how to use it for the effective and profound healing of your body. 

The interviews in this movie show how the people who were diagnosed with fatal diseases used the power of their minds to heal their bodies. 

Their success stories will inspire and motivate you to take your first step towards a healthy life. 

4. Conversation with God (2006)

The movie Conversation with God speaks about the true journey of Neal Donald Walsch, who was a homeless, struggling man who by chance becomes a well-known spiritual messenger and bestselling book. 

During his struggle in life, he got very stressed and frustrated, and then he wrote a letter to God and received His answer. 

In his book of the same name, he shared the answer from God that he had received. 

This movie is very thought-provoking and inspirational in nature and it explains to us that every person has the capability to communicate with God and God speaks to everyone in different ways all the time, all we need to do is to listen to Him intuitively. 

5. The Inner Weigh (2010)

This movie talks about a new philosophy for weight loss which is based on the fact that our minds shape our bodies. 

It says that your thoughts and feelings have a great impact on your body. The way you think about your body creates your body’s structure. 

If you are not getting better results in your weight through dieting or exercising then this movie is a perfect choice for you to take easy steps for your weight loss. 

By watching this movie, you will come to understand that thinking and feeling positive about your body is the only way that could lead you to weight loss. 

6. Being in Heaven (2009)

This movie tells the story of a young man named Jason, who had lost everything in a financial catastrophe and returns home to begin a fresh life. 

While paying a visit to the house, he meets a mysterious writer who would change Jason’s life forever.

The mysterious writer reveals to Jason about his past, all his losses, and how he dramatically changed his life. 

With the knowledge and skills the writer has provided, Jason understands after hearing his story that he can become and achieve anything.

7. What the bleep do you know? (2004)

It is a documentary movie that tells the story of a photographer named, Amanda, who was a fictional character having emotional and physical traumas in her life. 

In this movie, many professional scientists in their interviews talk about Amanda’s life circumstances on the basis of quantum physics and consciousness. 

By watching this movie, you will be able to spiritually connect yourself with quantum physics and consciousness as it says that our outer is just a projection of our inner world and we can control and change our reality by changing our inner world using the power of our thoughts and beliefs. 

8. The Shift – by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (2009)

The film follows Dr. Dyer’s life journey from ego and ambition to meaning and purpose. As he was suffering from a terminal disease, this film was his final gift to the world.

You can discover the meaning and purpose of your own life by using the knowledge and advice he imparts throughout the film. 

Dr. Dyer says that real happiness and fulfillment in life require a paradigm change. In order to achieve your goals, you must think positively.

9. Napoleon Hill’s Master Key (1954)

This is the earliest manifestation documentary, created by Napoleon Hill. He was also an author of the book “Think and Grow Rich” where talks about manifesting wealth using the law of attraction. 

In this documentary movie, Napoleon presents the 13 success principles that he developed after years of watching successful people. 

By using these important principles and ideas you can create a very successful life and as well as achieve your deepest desires and dreams. 

10. The Compass (2009)

In this movie, one of the wellness experts Dr. John Spencer Ellis shares his life experiences and teachings through a character, the Traveler. 

In his teachings, he shares his knowledge about how people can discover their full potential and become successful in their lives. 

According to Dr. Ellis, only 20% of our lives are influenced by genetics, with the remaining 80% being governed by our mindset, beliefs, and willingness. 

Dr. Ellis provides us with resources and motivational ideas in this film to help us live our best lives.


In conclusion, watching movies can broaden your knowledge and wisdom while also providing entertainment. 

When you’re down, it encourages and stimulates you. In times of despair, it aids in maintaining optimism.

You’ll notice a change in your thinking and thought patterns after watching these laws of attraction videos. 

Watch it to overcome uncertainty and fear and to strengthen your belief in the universe or God, or whichever name you want.