Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do the Shift From Lack to High End Clients

A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who lives from their heart centre and have a business that is their soul purpose.

Someone who follows their true calling of helping others and truly want to change people’s lives.

What I feel is that very often spiritual entrepreneurs wish to be of service so much because it is their calling, that they tend to say yes to everyone that needs help, regardless if those people are ready or not to the work in themselves.

This can really be the case with Empaths or highly sensitive people that sense other people’s energies and emotions as their own. The call to help is huge because they feel everything about the other person.

But what happens when you say yes to help everyone without putting yourself first is that you tend to attract all sorts of people.

Your intention to help might be really good, but if you feel uncomfortable for some reason and you still say yes, you might end up attracting people that:

  • are not open to do the inner work
  • want to take advantage of your work
  • can be abusive and just want to feed on your energy
  • won’t pay you anything
  • will pay you much less than what you deserve
  • are not committed to your programme

Besides that being incredibly frustrating to a spiritual entrepreneur, it can also make you feel exhausted and resentful at the end of the day, because you feel you’re giving so much and receiving so little in return. There’s an imbalance in there.

This way of functioning might be due to limiting beliefs related to money or self worth (or both).

If you have spent many years thinking you don’t deserve much money or that your work or yourself is not that valuable, it could very possible lead to that scenario.

The truth is, you can only help other people with your amazing gifts when you put yourself first.

This is a you first Universe. When you raise your vibration, you’re raising the vibration of the entire Universe because separateness is an illusion, we’re all connected.

And it’s only when your cup is full that you can help others properly.

Shifting to a place of abundance

The mindset of abundance doesn’t start with your business or with money, it starts with you.

You need to raise your vibration to a place where you feel abundant and worthy regardless of how much money you have.

And then you need to bring that positive energy into your business and decide how much money you feel comfortable to accept from your clients on a monthly basis, and commit to it.

If you have always felt bad about charging too much money, that’s only due to a limiting belief that other people will find it is too much money. It doesn’t mean it is.

Your ideal client is the one that matches the rate you feel comfortable. And they are out there, waiting to show up when you step up your game and show yourself fully.

A client that sees your value and is willing to pay your rate is a client that is ready to do their inner work and get results.

Your ideal client is the one that:

  • sees your worth – because you see the worth in yourself
  • pays your rate – because it is the rate you feel comfortable
  • is ready to do the work they need to do – because you only work with clients that are ready and that take their own responsibility
  • are committed to your services/programme – because you are 100% fully committed to them
  • are a pleasure to work with – because you say no to the clients that are not aligned with you

Your ideal client shows up when you show up to yourself.

When you decide there’s no such thing as “too much money” or “I need to help everyone that comes to me”.

When you own your inner power, that’s when you do the shift from a place of lack to a place of abundance and step into a higher vibration.

That’s when the Law of Attraction will bring you the right people that are ready and value your work.

And that’s when you balance the energies between giving and receiving and live a fulfilled and happy life.

Because you deserve it! 🙂