The Two Secret Ingredientes of The Law of Attraction

If you are into the Law of Attraction (and possibly read “The Secret” and other books about it), you already know that there are many techniques to apply.

Some of those techniques include visualisation, imagination, creating vision boards or reciting mantras, amongst others.

While they are all fine and work in helping you focus on what you want, sometimes they only scratch the surface.

What I mean is that no amount of mantas, vision boards or visualisation will work to bring you the things you wish to manifest without going a bit deeper than that into two other key ingredients: alignment and consistency.


You probably already heard about aligning with the energy of what you want.

What that means is that you need to decide what is exactly you want: a divine love partnership, a successful business, living in another country, you dream job, an amazing house, more money, etc, etc.

And all those things need to come from your true self.

They need to make you feel alive, happy and joyful just by thinking they are coming your way.

They need to make you feel you are expanding yourself in this world!

That amazing feeling of expansion, of becoming more of who you are, is what alignment really is!


The second key ingredient is consistency.

In order to stay in alignment and hold the energy of what wish to manifest time enough for it to actually manifest, you need to be consistent.

Consistent in what you think, what you feel, what you do and what you say.

This is what it means “being in the vortex”. When there’s no resistance in your energy, in other words, when there is no contradictory energy in you.

All of you is emitting the same “bat signal” to the Universe. And that makes the Universe’s “job” much easier, to deliver what you want to you, because there’s an open road between you and the things you want.

What makes is difficult to stay in alignment, or “in the vortex” is precisely our old habits and patterns of behaviour that are contradictory to our true self.

For example, let’s say you wish to manifest your soulmate or divine partner. You know the values you want them to have: honesty, emotionally open and available, grounded, whole, spiritual, etc. Someone who wants a serious committed relationship as much as you.

But, due to old patterns of behaviour, you end up saying yes to dating people that are only looking “to have fun”.

That creates a contradictory energy in you and a lot of resistance in meeting that special person.

Another example might be that you want to manifest a lot more money and clients in your business. You know how much money you want to make per month and you know the type of client that is a good fit to you.

But if you end up saying yes to clients that you can clearly see they are not a good fit or want to pay you much less money than what you have decided.

What all of those things have in common (the contradictory energy) is that they make you feel bad.

And you feel bad because you are stepping out of alignment.

That “feeling bad” are your emotions trying to guide you back into alignment. So, listen to them!

The thing is, you need to become NON-AVAILABLE for anything that is a contradictory energy of what you want.

Start saying no to anything that makes you feel bad or is not aligned. To the client that doesn’t want to pay your rate, to the guy/girl that is just looking for a casual thing, to the coffee that doesn’t taste good, etc, etc.

This is a habit. It might feel weird in the beginning, but it will become a habit.

The more you practice consistency in keeping your alignment, the easier it will become.

And then suddenly you realise that keeping your alignment is soooooo much easier than accepting things and people that don’t make you feel good.

Because when you create contradictory energies, all sort of things happen: the outcomes are awful, you see no good results, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, etc.

When you keep your alignment, the only thing that happens is peace, happiness, joy, feeling good… and eventually, manifesting all you want!

So, stop thinking that visualising yourself as a millionaire or creating a vision board with lots of money in it will make up for the awful feeling of buying groceries every day in a supermarket you don’t like to go. Stopping to go there and choose to buy in a different place that makes you feel good is what alignment and consistency is.

And that’s when the visualisation and the vision board can help you too on focusing. But they won’t work without the internal alignment and the daily consistency.