Signs Your Ex is Coming Back Law of Attraction 

Did you break up with your boyfriend but still feel their presence in your life?

That is probably due to the Law of Attraction. They are still fixating on you, thinking about you, and wishing they could come back into your life, and somehow you feel those vibes in yourself.

There are signs to tell the Law of Attraction is at work and that your ex is coming back into your life (or trying to).

This is of course not to say you have to go back to them if that is not what you feel like doing.

We all have free will and each situation is unique.

So, here are the signs your ex is coming back:

1. They are stalking you on social media

If you two broke up and he is constantly checking your Instagram Stories or Liking every Facebook post of yours, that is a sign he wants to continue in your life and in your mind.

He is telling you that either he wants to come back to you, or he doesn’t want you to move on from him.

It’s also a way for them to see what you are up to, and if there is new loving interests in your life!

2. They are being super nice to you

Suddenly they want to help you with you moving home, or picking up groceries, or studying for an exam.

They text you just to ask how are you, and show concern for your friends and family.

If your ex is being super nice to you, that is a way for them to let you know they still have feelings for you.

3. You bump into them everywhere you go

The Law Of Attraction makes sure you both bump into each other “accidentally”.

It might be the case you also want to get back to them, so the Universe is trying to put you two together again.

It might also be the case that they know your daily routine and make sure to appear at certain places and times they know you’ll be there.

4. They keep appearing ramdomly in your thoughts

It’s perfectly normal to think about your ex often after a break-up. But when you are distracted at work or at the gym and suddenly they ramdomly appear in your thoughts, that’s them thinking about you.

They are sending you strong vibes that they wish to talk to you or see you, so it is common to get a text from them or a phone call right after they appear in your thoughts.

5. They use excuses to talk to you

They are always looking for the most random excuses to talk to you.

To tell you left a personal object at their home, or to congratulate you that your sports team won a game, or that they just found the perfect outfit for your dog.

Everything is an excuse to talk to you, and if the excuses are really silly, then you can be sure they are trying to make a way back into your life.

6. They ask your friends and family about you

If they had contact with your friends and family when you were together, chances are they are contacting them now to ask about you.

To ask how you are, if you miss them, if you moved on, if you are dating someone new, etc.

They want to know information about you because they genuinely care about you and because they want to get information to see if there is an opportunity to get back into your life.

It’s up to you

These are the top signs your ex is trying to come back to you using the Law Of Attraction.

But ultimately, it’s up to them to say it out loud and also up to you to see how you feel.

We said it in the beginning, each case is unique and only you know if you want to get back together or it’s time to move on.