How to Attract and Manifest Money

In order to attract and manifest money, you need to stay in the same vibrational alignment as money.

Many people tend to think of money as a thing, an object. That you have or you don’t.

It’s not.

Money is energy, just like anything else in the Universe. Notes, coins, etc, are just physical manifestations of that energy.

We live in a society that makes people believe that there’s lack of money, or that you might lose your money, like there’s no more coming your way. This makes people stay in a place of fear.

Many people even have beliefs regarding money like is some kind of evil thing or that is wrong to want lots of money, or that you’ll not be a good person if you manifest more money.

These are just beliefs that keep people in fear and take all their power away.

I’m going to tell you something straight up: in order to attract money, you got to love it! You got to love it and you got to have fun spending it.

In other words, you need to spend your money from a place of alignment. Money needs to be your best friend.

You need to love it so much that your door is always open for it to enter again and again and again.

And you need to trust the money too, trust that it will come to you to back you up in all you want to do in your life.

Having more money simply means that you’ll have more resources to give more of you to the world as well.

The more happy you are with your life, the more freedom you have to live your dream life, the higher your vibration will be and you’ll feel and be capable of giving even more to others as well.

If you’re struggling with money every day, living in fear of lack, worried about it, how can you be able to present the best of you to the world!?

You deserve to live the life you want and have all the money to support it, so you can share all your amazing and unique gifts with the world.

To align with the vibration of money, you need to do these 3 things:

  • First, decide what you want, how much you want, and give it purpose
  • Second, you need to sort out your relationship with money in the now
  • Third, you need to have fun with the money you have at the moment

Decide what you want, how much you want and give it purpose

You need to decide not just that you want more money to manifest, but what exactly you want and how much. Be specific.

And don’t back up from your decision. For example, if you have your own business you might decide that you only work at $1000 a month for each client. Stay with this. OWN IT!

Even if someones comes to you that will only pay you $700, don’t go down to that vibrational level.

If you feel that $1000 is the amount you feel comfortable, you need to work with people that pay you the $1000. You don’t need to go down because if you do, you’re getting out of your alignment and creating resistance. Stay in your power.

The same with other things. If you want a higher paying job, decide what is the salary you feel comfortable and don’t accept less than that.

If you feel you would like to start manifesting $5000 per month, give it purpose. Think about all the things this money will allow you to do: shopping, travel, investing, etc.

Although it is good to have goals in regards to money and a plan of action, do not limit yourself by thinking that money can only come from salary or your business or one single source.

When you’re open to receive money, it can come from anywhere and believe me, the Universe can be really creative when it wants to send money to you.

Sort out your relationship with money in the now

If you have a bad relationship with money in the present moment, that creates a lot of resistance to manifest money.

You need to work on that relationship and change it into a positive one.

It is a good idea to check what you could do right now to help yourself feel better about your financial situation.

If you have zero savings, decide how much you can start putting in there. Even if it isn’t a lot, the fact you are doing something will start to make you feel better.

Check your expenses: do you have any expenses you can reduce or completely eliminate? For example, do you really need the cable package that gives you 500 channels per month? Seriously, how much TV can you watch?

If you are behind on your bills or have been ignoring your debts and also have been avoiding the creditors, it would be a good idea to own your power and call them. You’ll see that they’re quite open to help you pay and set up a payment plan for you, even if it is just 20 bucks a month.

You may be asking: aren’t I sending the Universe a message I don’t think I can get more money if I do things like set budgets, admit I am struggling financially, or try to cut my expenses?

And the answer is no because we attract based on feeling. If you’re feeling like crap because you are behind on your bills or have been accumulating more debt, you’ll just get more of the same.

If instead you own your power and take action for things to change, it will make you feel way better.

Imagine the difference between receiving a letter from a creditor saying they’ll take action against you if you don’t pay or contact them, and receiving a letter saying all is well and you have a payment plan in place?

When you no longer feel the need to duck calls from the creditors, have a bit of cushion to deal with an unexpected expense, and fewer bills to pay, you will feel a lot better about money.

You will be able to feel more abundant naturally, instead of trying to force it, despite what your outside circumstances portray.

And you open the doors for the Universe to bring more money to you.

Having fun with the money you have at the moment

If you’re worried and in a place of lack, you need to raise your vibration regarding money by having fun with every penny you spend… in the now.

Feel great, feel AMAZING even if you’re just buying bread or drinking a coffee.

Be very grateful for having the money to do EVERY SINGLE THING in you daily life. Say to the Universe: “thank you for the money that allows me to drink this delicious coffee, please keep bringing me more money so I can enjoy more of this”.

Every time you do this, you’re raising your vibration in regards to money, so the Universe will keep bringing you more so you can have more fun.

This might feel weird in the beginning, especially if you’re used to feel worried every time you spend money. You’re changing the vibration completely, so it might feel awkward for a while.

At the time I did the work on myself in regards to money, I found out about a phone App called Law of Attraction Prosperity Game.

It is a game where every day you have a deposit of money into your virtual account and the amount increases each day. The purpose is to spend in whatever you want and have fun! You even get a cheque from the Universe with your name on it. How cool is that!?

Well, I must tell you, this felt very weird to me in the beginning, because I wasn’t used to spend money for fun and not feeling worried about it.

I started playing the game and I was feeling worried about my virtual money! My feeling and vibration about money became every evident to me at this time.

But, the next day there was a new deposit and more money. And the next, and the next.

And I kept playing every day and my vibration about money started to change. My feelings about money and spending money started to change and it started to reflect on my real money as well.

Suddenly, I was HAVING FUN spending my money! Even if worries came, I would say to myself: “more will come tomorrow”.

I cannot explain in words how grateful I am for having found this game, so give it a try if you find difficult to do this exercise of starting to have fun spending your real money in the now.

My relationship with money changed completely. I started seeing it as a friend, a buddy, that was coming to me so we can have more fun together, again and again and again. 🙂

It is important to feel grateful and have fun with every penny you spend and even in the most simple things you buy because most people that live from a place of lack or fear associated with money tend to only have fun spending it in “special” occasions.

But EVERY SINGLE TIME you spend money IT IS a special occasion to be celebrated!

Even paying your bills and your debts should be a time to feel grateful and feel happy and excited, because not only you have the money to do it but because you’re taking good care of yourself!

Now every time you spend money during the day feel excited about it and have fun! Think of the money going out as an investment and that it will come back double or triple to you.

And trust money! Trust it will come to you as your best friends would.

And believe me, it will. 🙂