What Is The Purpose of Being An Empath?

For many people being an Empath is seen as a curse, to be able to feel others so deeply and take in their emotions and energy. And I understand very well how it can be felt that way, because spending our lives taking in the pain of others is not what we sign up for […]

Making Love To Life

Living a life based on your inner truth is like making love to life. When you start removing the layers of what you are not, of all the bullshit limiting beliefs you acquired from other people and systems, and start revelealing who you truly are at the soul level, you fall in love. You fall […]

The Two Secret Ingredientes of The Law of Attraction

If you are into the Law of Attraction (and possibly read “The Secret” and other books about it), you already know that there are many techniques to apply. Some of those techniques include visualisation, imagination, creating vision boards or reciting mantras, amongst others. While they are all fine and work in helping you focus on […]

The Human Design And How It Connects You To Your Inner Power

The human design is something I only found out later in life and I wish I knew about this many many years before. And the reason I wish that is because when I found out about it, I just realised how due to conditioning and limiting beliefs I’ve spent years acting and doing things that […]