Why Trust and Love Are Key to Attract All You Want

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The Law of Attraction is always at work and we attract everything from what we feel and believe.

So, in order to attract the good things you want into your life, there are two key places you need to be at all times: one is trust and the other is love.



I’m sure you’ve heard many times “oh I hope this will work” or “I hope I’ll have enough money” or “I hope I don’t get sick”, etc, etc.

The thing is, many people think “I hope” and “I trust” are equal; linguistically they may be fairly synonymous, but neuroscientifically “trust” and “hope” are massively different.

Hoping is fine in itself, but it doesn’t take it you anywhere.

And why? Because when you “hope” you’re giving away all your power to external circumstances. You’re in a role of “victim”.

Is like expecting that someone comes along, waves the magic wand and all our wishes come true. Completely passive.

Hope stands for hopelessness and for being passive. Things that you certainly are not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here in this programme.

So I’m going to ask you: forget hope. Stop hoping all together. Today.

Because today you’re going to replace it with trust.

Trusting comes from the inside. It is a knowing without knowing. You just know that you’re going to have all you want because you have all the power inside yourself to create it.

See how the vibration changed instantly? From a passive standpoint to the proactive powerful badass you are?

A flower doesn’t hope to bloom, it just blooms, fully trusting in her blooming.

This is the reason why some people spend years playing the lottery and never win – because they hope to win – and other people play once and win an enormous amount of money – because they trusted, even subconsciously.

So, instead of hoping it will be, trust that it already exists!

Everything you want is already yours, it just needs to come into this physical realm which is much more dense than other realms above us and takes time to manifest. That’s it.

Trust that all your want is coming and trust that you have all the inner power to make it come.

Using the Law of Attraction is an exercise of certainty and trust to make real in what already exists on the astral planes to manifest in the physical.

So, from today onwards eliminate the “I hope” from your dictionary and replace from I trust.


Love is the highest frequency in the Universe.

When you wish to manifest amazing things for your life, you need to come from a place of love.

Manifesting what you want in your life is not the solution to lack of self-love. Manifesting an amazing car or job is not the solution for the lack of self-love.

The self-love needs to come first.

For example, if you want to lose weight but you are coming from a place of loving the body you have in the now, you’re doing it for the right reasons: because you want to feel and be healthy, because you want to look and feel good.

You eliminate all the resistance attached to the extra weight.


See the difference:

  • “I’m over weight” but I love myself enough to want to reach a healthy weight and feel good –  can definitely manifest a sleamer, fit body.
  • “I must lose weight, I hate my fat body” will create a huge amount of resistance that is hold in your body and won’t come off no matter how hard you exercise and diet.

Remember the article about “making peace with what is”? In that article we talked about all the external conditions in your life. Now, I want you to go further. I want you to go inside yourself.

Making peace with what is means loving yourself unconditionally regardless.

If we go back to the example of carrying extra weight, starting to love yourself with the extra weight can start with enjoying your body in the now.

Think of all the wonderful things that it enables you to do, everyday. The sensations you do enjoy, simply because your body has senses and you can hear music or look at a beautiful sunset, enjoy a bubble bath or stroke your dog.

When you’re able to appreciate your body in the now and love it in the now, then you can move on to lose the extra weight, because you’re doing it from a place of respect and rewarding the body you love.

And the same goes for other things. If you hate the fact that you don’t have enough money for everything you want, the solution is not manifesting more money because it will never be enough. The solution is always loving the money you have, regardless of the amount.

I can give you my own example here.

Many years ago I was broke. But seriously broke. Although I always had help from the Universe, I never fully appreciated it. I was focusing on the lack and I was attaching my self-value to having money or not. So, as I didn’t have enough, I didn’t love myself.

Believe me, I’ve been there and I know it is a shit place to be. Now today I realise the lack of self-love is much much worse than the lack of money.

I went through a major awakening in my life and started to finally love myself. I started to focus on loving the money I have in the now that allowed me to buy food, to buy clothes, to pay the rent and sleep cozy and safe at night.

I even started to love paying the bills (something I used to see as a waste of money), because that means I am taking care of myself and providing hot water to take a relaxing bath or electricity to watch my favourite TV show.

I started to love even the smallest things and actually having fun with every penny I was spending. Even buying fresh flowers for £1 was making me immensely happy.

A funny thing started to happen at this time: I was finding coins everywhere and money and opportunities for money started to come from many different sources.

I started losing the fear of spending money because I started to trust that every time I spend money, I was actually manifesting more money to do more fun things. I was coming from a place of unconditional love.

It took me a while to change my vibration in regards to money because of the old belief systems I used to have, but once the shift was made, there was no turning back. Today, I have a great relationship with money, I love money and money loves me. 🙂

I wanted to tell you this story because I’ve been through it myself. I know how it is being in a place of lacking self-love and hating ourselves for the situation we’re in.

That’s why changing that vibration to a place of self-love and making peace with who you are is key to manifest the life of your dreams.

Believe me, if you don’t come from a place of love, you won’t be able to fully enjoy what you wish to manifest.

Even if you lose the weight, you’ll always find things to hate in your body and might end up gaining the weight again. Even if you make more money, you’ll always think it is not enough and the amount of money you have will never be consistent.

And it will be almost impossible to manifest what you want.

Sometimes the Universe will test you, you know. Will manifest for you a bit of what you want just to see if you’re ready for the shift.

And until you love yourself and come from a place of love, those manifestations will only turn into lessons and nothing else.

Remember, you came to this world to learn and to enjoy yourself regardless of your shape, bank account, civil status or whatever.

And you want to manifest a life you love consistently and permanently.


Exercise for today

1. Think about all you wish to manifest: money, losing weight, travel, a loving relationship, a successful business, your dream house, etc.

Now do a list of all the positive reasons why you want those things, coming from a place of love.

For example, “I want to manifest money because I love myself enough to wanting more opportunities to buy and do things that make me happy”.

Or “I want to lose the extra weight because I love myself enough to look and feel great”.

Repeat the things on your list in the morning and evening so you let go of all negative emotions related to what you wish to manifest and you focus on coming from a place of love.

2. Tell to yourself “I trust that I have in myself all the inner power to manifest what I want because I love myself unconditionally”.

Repeat  in the morning and evening too, so you connect with the trust and love in yourself. 

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