What Is The Purpose of Being An Empath?

For many people being an Empath is seen as a curse, to be able to feel others so deeply and take in their emotions and energy.

And I understand very well how it can be felt that way, because spending our lives taking in the pain of others is not what we sign up for as Empaths.

We are here to live a life of joy and happiness. That is our natural state!

As soon as an Empath starts their awakening process of peeling all the layers of what they are not and their conditioning, and start connecting to their true self, they also start to realise who they are and the real reason they are an Empath.

In reality, as an Empath, you’re not fragile, and you don’t need to be protected or saved. You do not need protective bubbles or shields.

Those bubbles and shields might have worked for a while whilst you were still “in the dark” and trying to deal with being an Empath, but as soon as you wake up to your inner power, you start to realise that it is in that empowerment that you true self is.

You are a POWERHO– USE energy alchemist, here in this world to transmute negative energy into positive. That is who YOU ARE, POWERFUL!

You start then realising that you can indeed be fully open into the world and help others in the process, without exhausting yourself.

Because when you are truly grounded and centered in your personal empowerment, your life is amazing and helping others feels like a blessing and a pleasure.

You still feel other people’s emotions and energy, but you do not take them in inside yourself because you don’t need to anymore.

You are facing your own darkness so you can fully step into the light.

I did this work myself and have stepped fully into my personal empowerment and I am definitely not special or different than you.

We all have this inner power inside of us, we only need to fully connect with it and bring it into the open.

Facing your own shadows first and do your inner work

Connecting with our power means facing our shadows and feeling the pain and uncomfortable emotions we have been avoiding to feel for a long time, that is the only way for them to be released.

How would you be able to help others and transmute the negative energy of the world into positive, without doing this work on yourself first, right!?

Does it become more clear now why all those painful experiences and relationships you have been having in your life are wake-up calls for you to stop looking at the external and start looking inside yourself and do this alchemy work in yourself?

Empaths are like the spiritual trees of the human world, purifying the dirty air so the all creatures can live and breath. But, you need to purify yourself first and step fully into the light.

If you are here reading this, is because you want to move on. Your soul wants to move on. That’s why you were called to read this article.

So, the purpose of being an Empath is to feel negative energy without taking it in and transmuting it into positive energy.

Just the inner work you do with yourself is enough for this to happen. You are already doing this transmutation and not only raising your vibration, but helping the collective.

So, if you have spent many years of your life thinking you are doomed to suffer for ever as an Empath and need to protect yourself, think again.

All you need is to connect and fully own your personal power and put your well-being first at all times.

When you step fully into your personal power and into a higher vibration, instead of taking in other people’s negative stuff and lowering your vibration, you’ll be doing the opposite.

You’ll be grounded in a higher vibration and holding that space for others to step in.

So, in other words, instead of receiving others darkness and making yourself feel miserable, you’ll be the one transmuting that darkness into and getting them to a higher place.

We live in a YOU first Universe. Before you help others, you need to help yourself. And you need to give to yourself all the love, all the validation, all the attention, etc, that you always seek in others.

You as an Empath are not an emotional sponge, you are an energy alchemist. A powerful one, and your sensitivity is your power because it is what allows you to help others that are ready to be helped and want to do their inner work too.

If you help others regardless and without doing your inner work of stepping into your personal empowerment, all you do is attracting abusive people that want you to do the work for them, or feed on your energy.

Your purpose is not that. Your purpose is to help people that are ready to do their inner work too and are ready to be healed or guided.

Boundaries are indeed super important for an Empath and how you feel – feeling good – should be a priority at all times.

It is important to realise that this urge to help others is both a calling and a choice. You can choose to do something related to lightworking or not, it is not mandatory to have a career or a profession related to. Everyone’s got their own path and they are all valid.

Also, it is important to be aware that even if you choose not to actively have a career as a lightworker, just by doing your inner work yourself and raising your vibration, you are already helping the collective, just by being.

Empaths were never intended to be kept in the dark, in bubbles or protective shields. That only comes from a place of fear and feeling powerless.

Loving yourself is showing yourself fully into the world, grounded in your personal empowerment, with your amazing gifts.

Because the world needs your beautiful true self and your light.