What is The Law of Attraction?

There are various laws govern the entire universe, all of which are in perfect sync and harmony with one another. 

All these laws are eternal in nature, and they are essential for our livelihood. One of the most potent of all these laws is the law of attraction.


The law of attraction is a very powerful universal law that is entirely based on our thoughts and feelings. 

And it is the law that creates our reality based on what we think and focus on most of the time. 

The law of attraction works all the time whether you are completely aware of it or not. 

When you think a thought and focus on it continuously you generate a strong feeling within yourself and then the law of attraction starts to work on manifesting that thought into your physical reality. 

If are thinking positive thoughts right now you will definitely attract positive things into your reality or if you are thinking and feeling negative thoughts you attract negative things into your experience because the law of attraction doesn’t care whether you are focusing on good or bad it will manifest what you are focused upon. 


Before you start using the law of attraction you must have complete faith in its power. If you don’t believe in the law of attraction it won’t work for you. 

The Law of attraction is very easy to use and it will become more effective as you keep practicing it. Following are the easy steps to use the law of attraction:

Step #1 Clearly decide what you want 

What do you really want to manifest? In this step, you need to be clear about what you want to manifest and why you want to manifest it. 

You can write it down on a piece of paper so that you can find more clarity in it. 

Once you completely and clearly decide what you want to manifest, you have completed step 1.

Step #2 Visualize your desire

Sit in a quiet place to calm your mind and then visualize yourself achieving what you want. 

Make a clear picture of your desire in your mind that what it looks like and what is its color and appearance, make it more vivid in your mind and feel the joy of having your desire with you. 

Keep visualizing your desire for 10 to 15 minutes until you feel good. 

Step #3 Believe as you have it and feel it

As you are visualizing your desire, try to detach yourself from the outer reality and focus completely on your imagination and believe it as your true reality. 

You can only manifest your desire when you believe it to be as real as your reality and when you truly believe it to be real then your subconscious mind accepts it as true and the manifestation takes place. 

But not only believing it will make it happen but you also need to feel it to be in the vibrational state of your desire. 

You need to be in the feeling state more than just only thinking and believing. 

You have to be always in a high vibrational state which means you have to feel good most of the time and maintain your good feeling as long as you can in order to manifest what you want. 

Step #4 Trust the process and let it go

Once you have done that, have full faith in the process that the universe will surely deliver what you have asked for, and then let it go and surrender it to the universe itself and don’t figure out how it will manifest, that’s not your job, the universe will do that for you at the perfect time. 

All you have to do now is let go and stop overthinking your desire; you’ve done your part and it’s time for it to appear into your physical reality. 

You may get impulses or sudden urges to take actions that would lead you directly to the path of manifestation of your desire. 


There are many powerful law of attraction practices that you can use to boost the law of attraction to manifest what you want faster.

Following are some of those practices below:

Vision Board Method: 

Get a wooden canvas and a picture of your desire to create a vision mood and hang it on any corner where you can see it often. 

Look at your desire on the vision board and focus on it for several minutes and visualize having it into your life on different occasions during the day to shift yourself to that frequency level of your desire. 

Practicing Gratitude:

Practice gratitude to increase the speed of your manifestation and shift yourself to a higher frequency. 

Daily take some time to write down 10 things you are grateful for and feel the gratitude within yourself. 

Do your best to direct your focus and attention to the things you want to start manifesting more of those things into your life through this powerful gratitude practice. 

You can also meditate on it and focus on the things you already have and feel good.