The 333 Law of Attraction Manifestation Method

You might have been figuring out what manifestation method is best for you to manifest your deepest desires. 

Well, there are several manifestation methods and you might have tried some of them before that didn’t give you the expected results. 

The 33×3 manifestation method is one of the best and most powerful methods that you can use to attract and manifest your desires quickly and very effectively.


The 333 manifestation method, often known as the 33×3 manifestation method, is a popular manifestation technique in which you write your desire 33 times over 3 days in a row. 

This manifestation method is powerful and easy and is great for beginners to use it. 

In this method, as you write down your desire repeatedly for 3 days, you use the power of the divine number 333 and program it into your subconscious mind and raise your vibrational level which creates a powerful attraction between you and your desire. 


There is a great value and significance in number 333 which means to move forward in your decisions and make your goals come true. 

The number 3 symbolizes something that is real, complete, and important and this number covers all three major divisions of time including past, present, and future, and therefore it is very powerful in terms of manifesting your desires. 

According to some believers, the number 333 also represents strong connection and alignment and so when you use it for manifestation it is quite helpful in keeping you connected and aligned with your desire in order to manifest it quickly. 


The 33×3 manifestation method is incredibly powerful and simple to use, and it only takes three days to work on it. 

Following are the easy steps to use the 33×3 manifestation method:

Step #1 Choose what you desire

The first step is to choose what you desire, and be clear about what you really want to manifest. 

You may begin that by writing down a list of any 5 desires on a piece of paper and choose any one of them that you want to manifest first. 

You have to work on any desire at a time using this manifestation technique so clearly decide what you want. 

Step #2 Turn your desire into a positive affirmation

Now, once you have chosen the desire that you want to manifest, simply turn it into a positive affirmation and make sure you write down the affirmation in the present tense and use powerful emotive words in it. 

Following are some the examples:

  • I am so happy and grateful now that I have achieved my deepest goal of setting up a new business. 
  • I am very happy and grateful to see my business flourishing and generating unlimited wealth.
  • I am happy to have a new loving and caring partner in my life.
  • I am extremely happy that I am shifted to a new house and living a new life there. 

Try your best to make your affirmation as much specific and simple as you can so that your subconscious mind can easily take hold of it. 

Step #3 Write down your affirmation 33 times for 3 days

Once you have crafted your own new affirmation for your desire, so now, take a notebook or a journal along with a pen and write down your affirmation 33 times for 3 consecutive days as you are writing down your affirmation, feel as if have already manifested your desire and visualize yourself fully achieved what you want. 

Once you have written down the affirmation try reading it louder repeatedly to program it into your subconscious mind and let your frequency match with your desire. 

You can also visualize your desire after you have written down the affirmation and meditate on it for 5 to 10 minutes to raise your vibration. 

Remember, manifestation is all about gathering the energy of your desire as much as you can so that it can create a magnetic power within you to draw your desire towards you.

Step #4 Have faith and let it go

The last step is to simply let it go and have faith in the universe that it will handle the rest. Now, you have put your manifestation into the process and so you don’t need to figure out how and when it will manifest as that is not your job. 

You only need to have patience and maintain the vibration of your desire as well as your connection with the universe. 

The universe will deliver your desire to it at the best suitable time, just have faith in it and move forward into your day.