Law of Attraction Signs Someone is Thinking About You

Are you asking if someone is thinking about you?

Here in this article well tell you the top Law of Attraction signs that someone is thinking about you.

Since everything is energy, the Law of Attraction works with energy. So when someone is thinking about you, you can feel it.

The more in touch with your emotions and your intuition you are, the more you’ll notice these signs.

1. They randomly pop into your head

We would say this is the top Law of Attraction sign that someone is thinking about you.

When you are not thinking about someone at all, you are busy with your day, at work, at the gym, at home, etc, and suddenly they pop into your head.

And it’s so intense that you might actually wonder if they called you on the phone, or sent you a text message. But no, they didn’t. You are just feeling their energy because they are thinking about you.

Sometimes they are thinking in taking a specific action like calling you on the phone, and so they randomly popping into your head might happen just minutes before they call you.

2. You have dreams with them

When you dream about a specific person this is a Law of Attraction sign they are thinking about you.

This often happens specially when you still have things to solve with someone, (or with yourself about them), so pay attention to the messages the dreams are telling you.

It might also be the case they have something they want to tell you and are communicating that with you through the dream state.

3. You see signs of them everywhere

The Law of Attraction is simple: when you are focusing on something, you start seeing it everywhere.

For example, let’s say you are trying to manifest a specific car. You go out and all you see is that car.

But this happens not only because you are thinking about that car, but because the car you want wants you as well. Like attracts like.

The same happens when someone is thinking about you constantly.

If you have a bond with that person, you’ll start seeing signs of them everywhere.

You’ll see their name, you’ll see things they like or do, meet people they know, see their favorite food, etc.

You’ll see their name out of nowhere, or a video on Youtube they made pops up on your screen.

4. They feel close energetically

If you are someone in touch with your intuition and can feel energy, you’ll simply feel their energy even from afar, like they are there next to you.

The Law of Attraction knows no distance. Physical distance is an illusion. When you have a bond with someone, they can be thousands of miles away from you and you still feel their energy like they are next to you.

In fact, if they are thinking about you intensely, you might feel their energy even closer than before.

5. You know where they are and what they are doing

When someone is thinking about you, and they pop into your head, you sometimes have a clear vision of where they are and what they are doing.

You might be able to see them at work, or relaxing at home. And sometimes they call you on the phone or text you at this timeand you can confirm your vision was in fact true.

It’s like by thinking about you they opened an energetic window between you two and you can clearly see what they are up to.

6. You bump into each other

When someone is thinking about you and you are thinking about them, is very common you bump into each other often at random places like the coffee shop.

This happens because the purpose of the Law of Attraction is to manifest your thoughts in your reality.

So if you are both thinking about each other constantly, they will happen in your reality.

Much like the example of the car you are trying to manifest, you see the car everywhere.

7. You smell their perfume

You meet someone and they wear the exact same perfume they do.

Or you are walking down the street or at the mall and you suddenly smell their perfume.

This is also a sign they are thinking about you, maybe when they are at home putting their perfume after taking a shower.

Final Thoughts

The Law of Attraction doesn’t know the nature of your connection with the person who is thinking about you.

Meaning the Universe doesn’t know if is someone who is very much present in your life like your child or a friend, or someone you broke up and want nothing else to do with.

The Law of Attraction simply reads energy. So, if someone is thinking about you and you receive these signs, they are not exactly a call-to-action.

It can surely be that a friend needs to talk to you urgently, and you can call them, but it can also be that your ex is missing you or thinking they want you back, but you have no desire to do so.

So it’s important to check with how you feel about the person who is thinking about you, and either act on it if you feel so, or instead just ignore and change your thoughts into something that brings you happiness.