The Law of Attraction: How To Stay Focused On What You Really Want

In order to manifest what we really want from our inner truth and who we truly are, we need to stay focused on that and saying no to what else comes that doesn’t resonate with us anymore.

Many people think that when something different from what they want comes up is them being tested by the Universe, but it is not.

It’s an opportunity to let go and release old energy, patterns and beliefs, so you open space for the new.

The Universe is not testing you to see if you are deserving of what you truly want, the Universe is telling you: here’s a chance for you to release what needs to be released, so you open space and I can deliver to you what you truly want.

But sometimes, when something different appears in our lives, based on our old energy, it can be easy to cling onto it instead of letting go. And that’s exactly what the challenge is.

You get back to feeling the old energy of the past, and it feels familiar. So, your ego wants you to accept it in your life.

Your mind starts to make up excuses for you to stay in that old energy.

But because now you are more conscious than you were before, that old energy although tempting, doesn’t resonate anymore and makes you cringe and feel bad.

That “makes you cringe and feel bad” is all you need to stay focused.

Be Mindful

You need to be very mindful of what’s happening inside you.

Question yourself: why am I still feeling an attraction to this situation or this person if I know now that is not my truth?

It’s ok to go back to the old energy for a while, just to feel it completely and decide for yourself if you want it or not.

In other words, let yourself feel all the emotions that arise. Be mindful of everything that you feel.

For example, let’s say in the past you used to accept friendships with people that were abusive in some way. Or that wanted to feed on your energy. And you lived that for so long that the energy of it is very familiar to you.

But now you are awaken and conscious and you know you don’t want toxic friendships. You want healthy ones, based on love and sharing.

So if someone comes up and you see all the red flags but still feel an attraction to the person, be mindful of it.

Your mind might start telling you “just give them a chance”, or “is not that bad as it feels”, but your soul knows better.

Connect with Yourself

The pull of the old energy can be strong and try to take your power away, by making you feel that you need to go back to old ways.

The best way to overcome it is by connecting with yourself.

With the friendship example, does saying no to the potential friendship that comes up make you feel lonely?

The feeling of loneliness is not because you are missing out on a new friend, is because you are disconnecting from yourself.

A true healthy friendship would never make you feel disconnected from yourself.

So, shift the focus from the other person and the external and into yourself. Take care of yourself, go do things you love, be with people who are healthy for you, so you can feel the CONTRAST between what is healthy and what is not, and saying no more easily.

And it’s funny that when you end up saying no, that old energy dissapears. The pull and the attraction dissapears.

Law of Attraction

We live in a YOUniverse. We attract what we are and accept in your life.

Every time you say no to the old energy and let it go, you transmute that old energy into new energy.

You will up-level (or ascend) and be more GROUNDED on who you truly are at the soul level, and closer to manifest what you really want and is aligned with you.

This can be an exhausting process for the physical body, so allow yourself plenty of rest and care.

Stay focused. You don’t lose yourself anymore in things that are not aligned as you used to do before.

And, also very important, forgive yourself for doing that in the past. 

You needed those experiences, but you are in a different place now. Enjoy the process! 🙂