It’s Time to Stop Proving You Deserve To Have Your Desires

The society we live in is very much based on a “prove you deserve in order to have it”.

In other words, it is not enough to want something, we have to prove that we have value and deserve it, in a culture of “rewards”.

This starts very early in school, like, “If you get good grades you get the bike you want.” 

In other words, wanting a bicycle is not enough to have it, we have to work hard to get good grades to earn it.

And what does the school grades have to do with the bicycle? Absolutely nothing.

These beliefs (often conveyed by our parents and educators) are often taken to adulthood, where the reward system continues, and becomes our internal system.

As if our wishes were not valid and worthy of being honored only because they exist.

As if we don’t have enough value simply because we exist, and we have to prove it to have the things we want.

So we end up getting reasons and justifications for ourselves for the things we want, like:

  • I want my dream home because I’ve worked so hard in my life and I deserve it

  • I deserve a dream vacation because every day I sacrifice my well-being for my family

  • It’s time I manifest my dream car because I’ve already contributed a lot to society

  • Etc

But in reality, the Universe doesn’t care whether you deserve what you want or not.

It doesn’t care if you’ve worked really hard for something.

It doesn’t care that you’ve proven that you deserve the manifestation of your desires.

The only thing the universe reads is your energy.

And if you have reasons, justifications, and feelings that you need to prove you deserve your desires, then you’re just blocking your energy and resisting their manifestation.

Because in reality:

  • You don’t have to prove you deserve anything

  • You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being to be rewarded

  • You don’t have to work to exhaustion to get what you want

This way of thinking is based on lack and scarcity.

For example, if you believe you have to work many long hours and get exhausted to have what you want, guess what you will manifest? Yes, that’s right, more long hours of work and exhaustion.

The Universe will bring you more of that to confirm your beliefs and your focus.

When you switch to a mentality of abundance, you realize that what you want also wants you. 


So, if what you wants you too, and it’s already part of you, why do you have to prove or justify you deserve it?

It’s like having to justify and prove you deserve to have your nose. Ridiculous, right? Same for your desires.

The only thing you have to do to receive your desires is to open yourself to receiving them UNCONDITIONALLY.

There’s no reason, no justification, no need to prove anything to get what you want, all you have to do is drop all those beliefs and say it out loud:



When you do this, you eliminate all limiting beliefs that come from culture, education, ego, etc, and that are blocking you from manifesting your desires.

Suddenly, the road is clear and empty between you and the manifestation of what you want to live.

It’s just you and your desire. You’re completely free.

From here the Law of Attraction easily brings you what you want, for there are no blockages between you and your desire.

And from here you can take the aligned inspired actions in the direction of what you want.

These actions make you feel GOOD, alive, passionate about life. You do your thing, depending on what you feel you should do.

You can then choose to do actions that inspire you, make you feel good, and receive with ease.

So when you think of your desires and start thinking about the reasons and justifications, STOP.

Say to yourself:


What I want also wants me and is already part of me.

The only actions I take are those that make me feel good towards the manifestation of what I desire

I am grateful to the Universe for my desires and I honor them every day because they are divine.

I need no reason, no justification or to prove anything to anyone in order to live my desires.

I am free to receive everything I desire.