30 Pratical Ways To Make The Law of Attraction Work For You

The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with imagining what you want to manifest, visualizing it, believing it, thinking about it, but it has a lot to do with FEELING great as well.

Using the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with controlling the outcome, because you’re working in co-creation with the Universe.

Your only job is to feel happy and great about your life and stay in a high vibrational frequency.

A good way of feeling great about everything you wish to manifest is to choose to do things every day that make you feel good and are aligned with what you want.

Here are 30 great examples:

1. Go for a test drive of the car you wish to manifest

2. Book and visit dream houses on sale that you would love to live in

3. Visit shops that sell the things you want regardless of the prices

4. Go on Pinterest and search for images of places you would love to travel to

5. You can even start a Pinterest manifestation board pining everything you wish to manifest

6. Only buy things that make you feel good and happy

7. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, letters, objects, etc, that are full of old karma

8. Feel gratitude and excitement when paying your bills

9. Go to events where you’ll meet people that have manifested their dream life

10. Do random acts of kindness

11. Treat yourself to something you really like

12. Write everything you feel grateful about in your life

13. Donate money to your favourite charity

14. Eat delicious food that nourishes your body

15. Read inspirational quotes daily

16. Refuse to multi-task. Be completely mindful in every single thing you do.

17. Buy a gift to someone you love just because it’s Monday… or Tuesday…

18. Give a bear hug to your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, pet…

19. Watch an inspirational movie or documentary

20. Feel happy and abundant with every penny you spend

21. Open the tap and watch the water flow, see it as the gates of abundance opening to you

22. Listen to music that is inspirational and make you feel good – Bob Marley is great!

23. Stop watching or listening to the news

24. Smile at strangers

25. Go for a walk in nature

26. Pay your bills and debts on time even if it just the minimum

27. Have a conversation with a friend like you have already manifested all you want

28. Do something you always wanted to do but are too scared

29. Watch a funny movie that makes you laugh hard

30. Wake up in the morning and decide how you want to feel for the rest of the day:”Today I want to feel… (amazing, happy, joyful, positive, caring, helpful, etc, etc)


  1. Jaime

    If you want the law of attraction to work you have remove all the limiting beliefs that have been programmed into you since birth.

    I used to have money problems but not anymore.

    What worked for me was a hypnotherapy program my tai chi instructor recommended to me. It completely removed all of my nasty beliefs about money and now I no longer resist it but instead embrace and go after it! 🙂


    1. Carla Gadyt

      Hi Jaime, yes the limiting beliefs around money that come from parents and other people can be very damaging but fortunately we can do “reset” and replaced them with new more healthy beliefs. 🙂

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