100 Affirmations To Make The Law of Attraction Work In Your Life

We are energy, and so the universe that involves us as well. Energies and vibrations go around every moment, and they can influence our lives.

With the Law of Attraction, you can have a powerful exchange with the universe, and all the vibrations we send are sent back to us.

So, adopting positive phrases and attitudes in your everyday life is going in line with good energies, and making the law of attraction work fully in your life.

Keep these affirmations constant in your mind, and see the difference.

Positive statements are powerful, and capable of providing positive energy to the brain.

The more you repeat these affirmations, the more effects they haveand the law of attraction will have full influence in your life.

1. I can easily achieve everything I want
2. I believe in myself
3. I can turn my dreams into reality
4. I can meet my goals
5. I’m a complete person
6. I’m happy
7. I am a person loved by my family
8. I’m a person dear to my friends
9. I love myself and accept myself the way I am
10. Everything in my life happens for my own good
11. I wish for a prosperous and peaceful life
12. My personal accomplishments are fulfilling
13. Everything I wish for can be accomplished
14. I’m grateful for the universe working for me
15. My reality is created solely by me
16. I have positive thoughts and attitudes
17. I’m surrounded by small miracles
18. I’m rich in material and immaterial goods
19. All the money I attract brings me happiness
20. There is love in my life
21. I am surrounded by good people who wish me well
22. Every day will be better than the one before
23. I’m looking to grow as a person
24. I am in contact with good energy
25. I’m growing my business
26. I’m learning more and more
27. I am a successful person in my activities
28. I’m worthy of success
29. I’m worthy of love and affection

30. I’m worthy of the good things around me
31. Fate holds me good surprises
32. I’ll take every day as a a new opportunity
33. I won’t let negative moments ruin my day
34. Even if I have bad feelings, I’ll know how to deal with them
35. I’m constantly in search of self-knowledge
36. My problems don’t define my life
37. All obstacles can be overcome
38. The joys in my life are constant
39. My energy and vibration are positive
40. I attract great opportunities
41. I have the ability to acquire new knowledge
42. I can help those I care about
43. I have the potential to overcome everything I want
44. The environment around me is adapting to me
45. I’m helping to create a better world
46. I am recognized for my qualities
47. I’m a nice person to live with
48. My attitudes are good for me and those around me
49. I’m free from negative thoughts
50. I am not limited by limiting beliefs
51. I’m taking care of my health and my body
52. I can get where I want
53. My relationships are constantly evolving
54. I am in harmony with the laws of the universe
55. I’m attracting positive vibrations from everything around me
56. I’m sure of my convictions
57. I have all the skills to get what I want
58. I’m in constant professional growth
59. Every new day represents new opportunities
60. My family supports me in my decisions
61. I’m not alone, I always have support
62. I’m capable of great accomplishments
63. I’m at peace with myself
64. My potential increases every day
65. I have experiences that make me wise
66. I’m grateful for my life
67. I think positive
68. I like to take inspired action
69. I’m a person focused on what I want
70. My positive energy can be felt by others
71. My vibration attracts success into my life
72. I am a force of nature
73. I’m capable of attracting peace to myself
74. I choose to create the life I want to live
75. I’m getting stronger and stronger
76. I’m getting more and more beautiful
77. I’m unique
78. I am firm in my decisions

79. I’m a winner
80. Every day is a new opportunity to be happy
81. I’m persistent in everything I want
82. I can enjoy small victories in my day-to-day life
83. My past doesn’t define my present self
84. I’m ready to receive good things from the universe
85. I can overcome my traumas
86. Every day I’m closer to achieving my goals
87. I choose to spend my days the way it makes me feel good
88. Today I’ll make time for myself
89. The universe is constantly presenting me with opportunities
90. I’m surrounded by other people’s good vibrations
91. I’m applying more energy into everything I do
92. I’m smart and capable
93. I’m ready to open my heart
94. I’m part of something much bigger than me
95. During the night, I will be able to rest my body and my mind
96. I feel ready for change
97. I want to live to the fullest possible life
98. I’m in the process of forgiving everyone who hurt me
99. My life has a purpose in the world
100. Today will be a good day

It is recommended that several of these affirmations be repeated during the day, when you feel necessary.

Starting the day with positive affirmations can add to a big change in your life.

Words are powerful, and each vibration impacts the mind and the energies around the world.