Law of Attraction: How Buying Soap Changed My Life

You may find this title a bit weird. How can soap change someone’s life, right?

Well, it did for me. It helped me do the break through I needed in order to change my mindset and up-level my life. And I’ll tell you why and how.

Before I manifested the amazing business, house, travel, money, and all the good things life has to offer, I was stuck in a mindset of lack and scarcity for most of my life.

I always had enough for all I needed, but I never allowed myself to have more. I used to tell myself I cannot have this, or that, because it is “expensive”. And yes, that happened with choosing soap too.

I used to go to the supermarket and look at all the super fancy soap brands and tell myself I could not have them, I have to buy the cheapest soap. How sad is that?

I always wanted more, but I was kinda expecting the more to come to me, before I changed my mindset.

And we know that never happens, because we live in YOUniverse. It all starts with us first, internally, then the external changes to match our new vibration.

So I did a lot of work on my mindset to get out of the lack and scarcity mode I knew wasn’t my truth. It made me cringe, contract, feeling limited.

And I knew I had so much to give to the world and to receive too. I wanted to EXPAND.

So I started to take small steps in that direction by changing the way I think and act on an everyday basis.

So often in the Law of Attraction and manifesting what we want, we focus so much on the BIG things, such as, manifesting our dream house, dream job or business, money, travel, a nice car, a soulmate, etc, that we forget the SMALL key things on our every day lives, and that’s where the key to big changes are.

It’s by paying attention to how we act and our choices on every single day.

Because the Universe knows who you are and what you want, but is paying attention to what you do.

So, if I wanted the fancy soap, but wasn’t allowing me to have it, and was taking home the cheap soap I didn’t really wanted, what kind of message was I sending to the Universe!?

So I decided to act differently on all these “small” things, because they are the ones that really change your mindset.

I decided to ignore my bank account and buy the fancy soap.

It felt weird at first, but I allowed myself to feel really good about it. Having that soap was part of my truth and of who I am.

I started to buy it everytime and then it became my new normal. The internal struggle and contradiction stopped. I was aligning with who I really am and focused on FEELING GOOD, even if it was with a piece of soap!

Eventually I brought that new mindset into everything else in my life, as in not buying things I don’t like just because they’re “cheap”, but only focusing on what I really want and makes me feel awesome.

And I noticed that when I started doing this, more money started to appear in my life. Not just in my work and business, but in many other ways.

It was a way of the Universe saying: “ooooohhhh she’s up-leveling her ass, and calling more money into her life, because she’s not settling now”. 😀

In other words, I opened the gates to receive and the external world was starting to match my internal changes.

As I did this more often, my whole world changed. Today I am completely in a mindset of abundance, and I don’t even pay attention to things I don’t like or want, immediately going for what makes my heart sing.

It was a long way to get here, because lack and scarcity was my “familiar” mindset I was raised with, and took me time to completely shift and ascend to my truth, as in peeling all the layers of what wasn’t true to me to reveal what is.

Pay Attention To the Small Things

So my best advice I can give you is pay attention to the small things on your every day life.

Pay attention to the things you tell yourself you cannot have, and allow yourself to have them.

When you do this, you are breaking an old pattern. You are telling the Universe: “I deserve all that makes me feel good and happy, I am ready for more and ready to expand”.

So, go on and buy that fancy soap. The coffee you love. The dress that doesn’t go out of your head. This is your new normal. 🙂

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