The 7 Laws of Attraction: Make Them Work For You!

The Law of Attraction is always at work, whether you are aware of it or not.

But when you are aware, you can consciously use it to manifest your desires and live your dream life.

The Law of Attraction is the law of YOU, we live in a YOUniverse. That means that you attract what you are. That also means you have to be the energy you want to attract.

But a lot of people however are not aware that the Law of Attraction contains 7 sub-laws that are connected to it.

Knowing these 7 laws of attraction is important, so you fully understand how the Law of Attraction works and how you can speed up manifestation:

1. The Law of Manifestation

This law is the one that feels like magic. Because it truly is.

Have you ever noticed that when you focus on something specific, you start seeing it everywhere?

For example, you want to buy a specific car, and you focus so much in it, that you start seeing it on the roads everywhere?

Or you are looking to get pregnant (or affraid to be pregnant) and focus so much in it that you start seeing pregnant women everywhere?

Another simple example of this is when you go to a place and focus so much on getting a parking space near the entrance, and you find it!

This is the law of manifestation at work. The object of your constant focus will manifest in your life.

Many people don’t see this as manifestation, because often you see it in other people and not in your life, but it is proof that you are indeed in the vibration of what you focus on.

And also many people get jealous or frustrated when they see other people living what they wish, but instead they should feel excited! If you see it, it is already in your attraction focal point, so soon it will be in your life!

The flipside of this law is that if you focus on negative things, they will manifest too. So, if you are conscious about this law, you know you have to focus on positivity and the things you wish to manifest that make you feel amazing!

2. The Law of Magnetism

This law says that her are like magnets. Our energy attracts a similar energy, as in like attracts like.

So everything you attract to you in your life (people, situations, opportunities, etc) are a direct result of the energy you are in.

This law if the reason why so many articles about the Law of Attraction talk about letting go of limiting beliefs that cause blockages in your energy, and also about raising your vibration in order to manifest your desires.

And that is the great thing about life! You can always change your energy and vibration in order to match the energy of what you wish to attract.

And you can do that by acquiring new beliefs, shift from lack and scarcity to abundance, work on your self-value and self-love, practicing gratitude, create a vision board, doing affirmations, doing new things to get out of your comfort zone, start liasing with people who already manifested what you want, etc.

The trick is to re-wire how your brain works to focus on abundance, happiness, prosperity, gratitude, all high vibration energies.

3. The Law of Unwavering Desire

This powerful law tells us that in order to manifest our desires, they need to be strong, steady and we need to be committed to it on the long term.

There are desires that we let go of because we grow and they don’t make sense anymore, or there are other desires that do make sense but we aren’t 100% fully committed to them.

In either case, they simply don’t manifest.

Because in order for desires to manifest in the physical, you need not only to desire something, but to fully commit to it.

You need to want something with every fiber of your soul. You need to align with it, let go of the limiting beliefs around it, and take actions in the direction of your dreams.

In other words, you need to keep believing and keep taking consistent and persistent actions towards your desires, even when fear, obstacles or self-doubt arise.

It’s the people who have that consistency and are fully commited who end up manifesting what they desire.

4. The Law of Delicate Balance

Everything in nature is about balance and harmony. And we humans are part of nature and work the same way.

In order to manifest our desires, you need to have harmony and balance within you.

That means that all your chakras need to be aligned with the same energy, without any blockages. So you are at peace with yourself, happy, grateful and aligned.

It also means that what you think, feel, say and do are the same and in the direction of fullfiling your dreams.

There are no inner conflicts or contradictions in your energy.

So many people think they want something, but then their actions are the opposite. For example, they might want a serious relationship but then agree to date people who are not serious.

That creates an inner confict, that will create blockages and lack of balance.

Very often maintaning this inner balance means saying no to instant gratifications that will damage our balance and keep yourself focused on your long-term desires.

It also requires a commitment to put your well-being first, take care of yourself and maintain a daily high vibration.

5. The Law of Harmony

Whilst the law of delicate balance is about our inner world being in harmony and balanced, the law of balance is about our balance with the exterior world.

Everything in the Universe is interconnected through energy. So in order to manifest your desires, you have to align our energy with the energy around you.

That means trusting that the Universe is always working in your benefit, and not trying to control or push outcomes. Let the Universe bring you what you need.

Tapping into this harmony means you are “in the flow”, paying attention to the opportunities that come your way, taking aligned action and being in gratitude for all your days bring.

6. The Law of Right Action

We live in a physical world, so whilst positivie affirmations, create vision boards, and focusing on what we want is important, so is action.

You have to take action in the direction of the manifestation of your desires.

But this action needs to be the right one. Is not about exhausting yourself, pushing or forcing anything.

It’s about aligned action. Taking actions that feel good, make you feel alive and passionate.

It also means taking the right actions in regards to other people. Helping others, setting healthy boundaries, only taking action on things and people that make you feel good.

You can always choose which actions to take in every moment of your life. So is taking the actions that are aligned with your desires and are positive, instead of acting on fear, anger or negativity.

The words “what goes around comes around” is true in regards to the actions we take have consequences, so choose the actions that have positive consequentes on the short and long-term.

7. The Law of Universal Influence

This is the law that makes you aware of the immense power within you.

The power to influence your life and the lives of others around you through your thoughts, emotions, focus, words, and actions.

Nothing is random in the Universe and no one is at “mercy of what life throws at them”.

We all have the power to create the life we want and influence it directly.

So knowing about this power, it is important to connect with yourself, with who you really are and with what you feel and desire, and be aware of the responsibility we all have in our presence in this world.

These 7 Laws of Attraction are key to the manifestation of your desires and live your best life, and you are supposed to have fun with it!

The manifestation process is supposed to be always focused on positivity, abundance, fun, consistency, joy and gratitude!

Being aware of these laws help you make conscious choices that are always based on you feeling good and connected to the Universe.

To help you on this, download our free law of attraction scripting template to get started.